Mobile Game Review: Tiny Troopers 2 Special Ops

The art of War is all about deception. But it’s also about being tiny, at least according to Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops, a game that will remind gamers of Cannon Fodder with its mix of tiny soldiers and stealth / strategy gameplay.

In Tiny Toopers 2: Special Ops, just as in the original game, you play as a group of small soldiers who must grow strong by surviving the horrors of war. On beginning a level you’ll be given missions to complete—which range from killing everyone in your path to escorting important people safely through dangerous areas. To succeed in these missions you’ll need to master stealth, strategy and the trigger.

It was thanks to this eclectic mix of different gameplay styles, that the original Tiny Troopers was able to turn itself from a humble arcade shooter to something not dissimilar to a RPG. As you play through the game you’ll garner funds that can spent on upgrading your troops and enlisting specialists to be used in single missions. You’ll also be able to upgrade weapons and armour. The goods you buy only last for one mission, so it’s important to shop wisely!

Hidden throughout levels are medals which can be used to permanently upgrade your troops. To find them you’ll have to search high and low through every level, which helps to add to the game’s longevity. The maps are also pretty extensive, meaning you’ll have to look for quite some time in order to find everything a map offers.

Tiny Troopers 2 makes sure to evolve the series by including new specialist units like the Medic, Flamer, Grenadier and Machine Gunner.  You can now upgrade your weapons to shoot faster, farther and more accurately too. Finally, there are some really cool uniforms to unlock, which range from Team USA uniforms to pink camouflage. While these upgrades are purely aesthetic, they’re pretty funny and you’ll have a blast unlocking them.

It’s a shame that Tiny Troopers 2 does little to truly evolve the original game, but at least it does add some more hours of gameplay to the original formula. The original game was truly excellent, and though this new title doesn’t add much, it still holds the same brilliance as the original.

If you loved the original Tiny Troopers, you’re bound to love this one too. Just don’t expect a brand new experience.

Overall : **** out of 5      

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