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Can Monster Hunter 4 possibly add anything new to the series? Monster Hunter has already made so many innovations in gaming, from the quest structure to the weapon classes. New monsters and equipment have long been the easiest way to add something new to the formula, but even the underater combat of Monster Hunter Tri wasn’t enough to make the game feel new. What can Monster Hunter 4 offer?

In some ways the the commitment to the established design of the Monster Hunter series has served it well. Over the years Monster Hunter has become one of the most finely tuned game series in the world. This has served it well in Japan, where every new game has met staggering commercial success, but it’s not enough in the West. Fans are demanding more of the series. How will Capcom respond?

Capcom answer fans cried over Monster Hunter 4 for 3DS

Having played the Japanese version of the game for many hours we have to say that Capcom have done what they promised and created something new. The story, for a start, is much more expansive than usual. The single player campaign is now a feast, taking you through four different vilages along with your monster hunting crew. The language barrier meant it was hard to truly understand what was going on in the story, but it’s certainly more than clear that the plot is weighty.

Monster Hunter 4 also adds a ton of new monsters. Capcom apparently listened when fans complained about the lack of monsters in 3. Monster Hunter 4 contains tons of new beasts, ranging from the Congalala (a gorilla) to the Khazu, as well as many more completely new monsters.

For Monster Hunters 4, Capcom took inspiration from many wildlife sources. Take the Garara Ajara, for instance, a snakr that throw explosive scales, or the Zaboazagiru, a massive and extremely dangerous shark that you must force to the surface with a sonic boom.  Trust us when we say there’s plenty of original monster designs in Monster Hunter 4.

One of the main changes to the hunting comes from the landscape. The world makes use of various elevated areas that you can lure monsters too. You might lure a shark to surface, for instance, or another monster from groundlevel up a cliffface.  When you’re fighting a monster you’ll be able to grab them and then hold the right bumper to throlle them. This makes them tire. You can then stab them. Additions like this serve to revamp the combat and add a new layer to Monster Hunter 4’s gameplay.

From what we’ve seen so far, Capcom may have done the impossible: making Monster Hunter 4 a new experience while sticking true to what made its predecessors so great.

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