Most Relaxing Games Ever

Most Relaxing Games

Fine days are these when for free we may play

Games that relax, that let our minds stray

From the troubles of the burdening day.

Dear friends,

Come, and with pleasure let me present

Games that are more than games,

Games that to me are most dear friends,

The Most Relaxing Games

And so do I present the first most relaxing game:


One of the most famous and oft considered single most relaxing game of all, Flow is the brainchild of Jenova Chen, created as his University thesis. It is a template of relaxation. Right from the start its blue background is of course calming (blue being the colour of natural calm). It’s music is both slow and resonant enough to lure the mind to wonder and to bring one to a point of meditative relaxation, which is matched by the simplistic slumber of the player-character as it tracks down small bug-like objects to consume.

What is most relaxing about this game is the way it represents a simple form of life. The characters on screen are clear representations of primitive life, and the simple mission of the player character, to seemingly feed upon the smaller life forms, brings one’s mind to a much more basic way of thinking, the product of which is a great degree of relaxation.

 Play it HERE 

Most Relaxing Games

Music Catch

Music catch is a very simple game, the object of which is to collect the bright coloured musical notes whilst avoiding the red ones. In most regards it is an average game, but one magnificent feature makes it a masterpiece and one of the most relaxing games,  and that is its music. And—in what to large scale developers should come as a valuable lesson—the reason the music works so wonderfully is because it lacks any fanfare, rather it is a simplistic keyboard sonata. I must admit a slight bias for this music, however. Being a pianist myself it is reminiscent of my days improvising on the piano and so perhaps holds even greater relaxation for myself than for others. Nevertheless, one of the most relaxing games.

Play it HERE

Most Relaxing Games

Echo Genesis

I’ve mixed feelings on Echo Genesis. It doubtlessly can be a very relaxing game, but it can also be a little annoying, here’s why.

To begin with, the reason it is one of the most relaxing games is largely thanks to its graphics. They’re cell shaded wildlife scenes with a wide assortment of animals that by virtue of symbolism let your mind drift off into something of a daydream. The music is also pleasant; very original percussion pieces with a great variety of sound.

The reason this game can at times be annoying, however, is that it relies on different cursor types for interaction. Essentially, the only way to know whether you can interact with a part of the environment is by rolling the mouse over and seeing if the cursor changes. It feels rather obtrusive and does interfere with the level of relaxation the game affords.

Most Relaxing Games

Winter Bells


I must state that for my money, Winter Bells is the number one most relaxing game on this list. High praise but well earned.  As you may know, featured Winter Bells as its game of the day a short while back. So, to quote myself…

This is a delightful little game where you play as a tiny white bunny who has to jump on falling bells to ascend to the stars.

What makes this games one of the most relaxing games ever is the quality of its presentation.

The combination of the dark night, forest and the snow serve to lull the player to escape into this wintery and picturesque scene. The animation of the bunny is realistic enough whilst being super cute, and because of their symbolism, the falling bells serve to lift your spirits too.

The musical composition is masterful and significantly better than the average casual game. The orchestra sounds realistic, with a wonderful resonance. It is a quaint gigue that serves for deep relaxation.

Finally, the gameplay. Simple in essence but with enough challenge to force you to focus on the game. It’s fun without being overbearing, which is the best part of this game.

I highly recommend trying out this game today, especially if you are stressed. You cannot help but become relaxed playing this.

Play it HERE

Most Relaxing Games



From one FerryHalim game to another and no surprise, for as far as the worlds most relaxing games go, FerryHalim has produced many of the absolute best.

This is the most charmingly delightful and joyous game you will ever have played. You are a cute (and beatufiully animated0 cat, dashing through a bright green luscious field, jumping from one balloon to the next.

There is one gameplay mechanic that makes this game outstanding and truly sets it apart on this list of the most relaxing games, and that is the timer. In most games, having a timer can become annoying: The time runs out and the game ends. Greaaattt! Here, however, the timer truly is great. It reminds you that you’d better make the most of your fun time dashing in the field as it won’t last forever. It provides a near poeticism as to the pangs and triumphs of life. A game as much of childish joy as it is of timely wisdom.

Play it HERE

Most Relaxing Games



This is a visual masterpiece and definitely one of the most stylish looking casual games available online.  The graphics are reminiscent of stars at night, and so by virtue of that symbolism of course further the relaxation of the gameplay.

The idea of the game is to use a series of directional pads to direct a flow of light onto a musical sensor to get a piece of music to play. It describes itself as being a game about discovery and play, and indeed it is. There is a joy to solving the puzzles and hearing the music play and that, combined with its visual and auditory style, make it one of the most relaxing games ever.

Play it HERE

So there we are, the most relaxing games that you can play for free right now. Enjoy your zen, my friends 🙂

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