Neverwinter Characters and Voice Acting

Before I get to discussing the Neverwinter characters of this awesome trailer, let me make a confession:. I’m not into the whole D & D thing.

I know. I’m not perfect.

That said, I really like the new Neverwinter trailer shown at Gamescom. Why? Because of the quality of the characters and the voice acting.

So what’s so great about the characters and the voice acting in Neverwiner?

What’s so great about the characters in this Neverwinter trailer is their sense of balance.

A lot of developers make a mistake with their characterisation is failing to create balance. There are load of games that have a whole ton of powerful, often masculine, aggressive characters, characters that are fine in their own right, but which never get off the ground because they’re just one of a million tough-guy characters (watch the Metal Gear Rising Revengeance trailer for an example of this).

The theory here is exactly the same as complementary colours. On an orange background, red doesn’t standout much. On a green background, red hits your eyes like Mike Tyson with brass knuckles.

Characters need balance. Balance brings characters to life.  And this Neverwinter trailer does an awesome job of balancing its characters out, largely thanks to some great voice acting.

The Neverwinter trailer starts with the soft feminine voice of a lady of nobility speaking with trepidation in her voice. Her voice is then hacked at by a brutal bass yelling “Rise!” her voice then continues, its softness now beaten by the unsheathing and clanging of swords and the shouts and grunts of men and monsters.

This might not seem like much, but believe it or not, its these details that can create genuine drama and result in a powerful trailer like this. Its also little details like this that so many game trailers get wrong.

Here’s the trailer itself so you can see what I mean. . .

Neverwinter Trailer

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