New God of War Coming. Tell SCEA How You Would Design It

There is a new God of War game in development, as hinted at in God of War Ascension. SCEA want it to be the best God of War game yet.

The new God of War will be the series’ first game for Playstation 4.

As always, it’s up to you, fellow gamer, to tell SCEA how you would improve upon God of War Ascension to make the new God of War game for Playstation 4 the best GOW game yet.

Give us your answers in a comment below. As usual, if we get enough serious and in-depth responses, and over 100 LIKES, your feedback will be going straight to SCEA PR.

Here’s my answer

How to redesign God of War Ascension for the new God of War on Playstation 4

To me, being a huge beat-em-up gamer, the main issue for God of War Ascension comes down to the combat. There simply wasn’t anywhere near enough challenge in the single player campaign, and the multiplayer failed to create strategic and complex gameplay.

With games being as giant and complex as they often are these days, there’s no reason God of War couldn’t work like a fully-fledged fighting game, like Street Fighter 4 or Tekken.

Obviously, GoW is never going to be Tekken or Street Fighter, but there’s no reason it couldn’t take some of the mechanics, strategy and challenge of those two great fighting games and create a God of War equivelant. This would make God of War for Playstation 4 the best yet.

Now it’s over to you. Let SCEA know how you would design God of War for Playstation 4 and if we get enough feedback this page will be sitting pretty in SCEA offices.

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