New MSI Gaming Laptops of 2014 Give You the Unfair Advantage

MSI is one of the top authorities in gaming laptops. Now the new line of MSI gaming laptops for 2014 are set to give you the unfair advantage.

The new MSI gaming laptops have been given the appellation the GX Destroyer Series, and feature the latest tech from AMD. Both the 17” GX40 and 15” GX60 models feature the AMD A10-5750 (2.3-3.5 GHz) processor, together with the awesome R9-M280X mobile GPU.

Both models of the new MSI gaming laptop feature a 1TB 7200RPM hard disc drive, Stee;Seroes keyboard (backlit) with SteelSeries’ customisation software, and an anti-reflective 1920×1080 display.

Watch the MSI GX70 in motion

New MSI Gaming Laptop for 2014: GX70 and GX60

The GX70 comes with 12GB memory; the GX60 with 8GB of DDR3 memory. But that’s not all you’re getting with MSI’s new gaming laptops; you’ll also be getting an additional USB 2.0 slot, Blu-Ray Disc Reader and improved wireless networking capabilities.

One of the most exciting features with MSI’s new gaming laptops is the Dragon Gaming Center. This, according to MSI, is designed to maximise performance and speed by  switching to your preset profile when you start a game, and monitoring your system. In order to make effective use of processing power, it will also close unnecessary background applications .

The GX60 will set you back $1,299.99; the GX70 $1,399.99.

New MSI Gaming Laptop for 2014: GX70 and GX60

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