Ninja Gaiden 3 Trailer + Wallpaper


On the same day we looked at Spiderman 2012’s trailer we now look at the trailer for Ninja Gaiden 3. It’s fitting these two games should be released together as they essentially represent two sides of the same coin; a yin and yang if you will. Spiderman is of course an all-out goodie, representing hope and faith through his energetic and positive character, and Ryu Hyabusa represents the complete opposite: loss of faith, a darker side of spirituality and an absense of hope.


There’s a great deal of spiritual iconography at work in this trailer, from Ryu’s view of his sword to the classic black and red colouring to the iconic ninja outfit to, well, pretty much everything else. The trailer connects the viewer with that deeper, darker part of themselves, that innermost pit of the spirit; it’s visceral and raw and it makes us want to pick up Ryu’s sword and kick ass, and, as would be expected, the kickass factor is high here. One really gets the sense of Ryu as an extremely athletic, slick, highly energised character. The strength of Ryu’s character and of this trailer is such that it leaves the viewer feeling a positive surge of energy that makes them want to fight and push for whatever is deepest and dearest in them.


This is a sick trailer. Role on March 23rd!


Paul Harrison

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