One Time I got Cholera. . . Banished Indie Game Review

The Time I Was Banished To a Land of Cholera – Banished Indie Game Review

There’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news is that you don’t have any dragons to slay nor any wars to wage. The bad news is that unless you gather enough resources to properly run your new found city, you’re going to fall victim to cholera. Welcome to Shining Rock Software’s new indie sim game, Banished.

Banished indie game review

Banished is one of the most absorbing games I’ve played in a long time. You’ll find yourself completely engrossed in the lives of the small band of people whom you are struggling to keep alive after your collective banishment. To survive, you’ll need to engage in resource gathering, population management, even maintaining morale.

Banished is a deep and complex game, which is why Shining Rock Software has provided tutorials to guide you through the basics. The game design makes it easy to get to grips with the mechanics. You view the world in top-down view, scrolling to see all parts of the game world. From this view you’ll manage your town and people, leading them, hopefully, towards a flourishing and vibrant community.

Banished indie game review

It’s the million little mechanics behinds Banished that make it such an excellent game. You’re in complete control of your town and need to run it like a professional developer, building roads for the transportation of goods, gathering all the resources you need, even creating clothes to keep your people warm.

Of course, the complexity wont be for everybody. If you like simpler experiences with clear-cut goals, Banished really isn’t for you. But if you like deep experiences with complex mechanics, games that demand you to really use your noggin, then you’ll be absolutely thrilled. There’s a ton of depth and longevity to be had from Banished, and it’s one of the best indie sims we’ve played in a long time.

Go grab yourself a copy of Banished; just be sure to manage your resources properly so you don’t end up with cholera.


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