Personality Development Through The Perspectives

Games as Psychology Lessons; A Different Perspective, 4  (Page 1)

Personality Development Through The Perspectives

This section shall illustrate how the different perspectives from video games relate to the perspectives of different personalities and how this information can be used for personality development. 

First Person: A child, a performer and also an adult in an intense situation.


Children and performers are always completely engrossed in their environment. They don’t think about the future, they live in the here and now. They are immediately responsive to everything that happens in their environment, they make impulsive decisions and they take risks (more often than not for the sense of thrill, which is exactly what we get from a FPS game). This is also the same with most performers (though performers do have more control). An actor, of which this writer is one, is always completely in-tune with their surroundings, very responsive to everything that happens on stage, lives in the moment and is acutely sensitive to… well… everything.

Third Person: Sportsmen, Salesmen.

Sportsmen and salesmen spend their life controlling their own bodies, thoughts and communications in order to produce a certain outcome (be it a goal or a sale). In order to do this, they must dissociate (they must take a step back from their impulses so as to remain in control) and they must be able to clearly perceive the way their actions look to an outsider. They view themselves as we view a character in a third person game; they are very much involved with their environments, but they are removed enough to give them control over their impulses.

Top Down: Managers, Producers


Managers and producers must completely dissociate in order to play their role. They must be able to put aside their own feelings in order to clearly perceive and control the order and actions of a group. At times, however, they are unable to see the small picture (this is why they can seem impressionable) because they are less aware of their environment. They are more perceptive of the application and allocation of resources than they are with the world in front of their eyes.

Side: Presenters, Hospitality, PR executive etc.


People who work in hospitality must be both personable and professional. They must be responsive to those they meet and so must live in their environment and in the moment, but they must also be able to dissociate to a degree that they are always putting across a good image. Their main tool is themselves, but they must use themselves in order to convey a specific image / message. Hence they are at a point of semi-dissociation with a one-sided point of view. In other words, they work from a side-on perspective.

Now, this information is rather enlightening, but it is not yet the life changing message I promised at the beginning. So, how on earth do we make this an inspiration…? Ho-hummm. Oh! I know! How about we discuss the fact that 99% of people spend their entire life playing from one perspective and living from one point of view) when they can very easily and readily switch from one view to another?!

Yes, you most likely have been spending your life looking from one point of view, completely unaware that you could look from all views.

Go ahead and ask yourself right now, which of these following viewpoints have you been looking from…

First Person: Are you always in the moment, always completely engaged with what is around you, unable to look at the big picture, unable to switch off?

Third Person: Are you aware of yourself and your environment but never really fully engage with it and never able to take a step back and truly examine the big picture either?

Top Down: Do you always see the big picture, never the little? Are you highly successful at work and very well organised but often impersonal and never quite fully involved in social situations?

Side-On: Are you always aware of yourself and how you look but never able to let go and just have a blast living in the moment. Do you find it hard to let your image slip and chill out long enough to observe the big picture?

Most personalities will be based around one of these points of view. Most people have grown accustomed to looking from one point of view and now find it very very difficult to switch from one to the other.   Hence actors find it hard to have the organisation of a manager, presenters find it hard to let their image slip and live impulsively and in the moment, and all are limiting their view on life and their view on themselves. Thankfully, this next exercise is going to show you how to go from one point of view to another so as to take in the full gamut of yourself.

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