Pokemon X and Y for 3DS Preview PLUS Complete Pokedex List

Pokemon X and Y for Nintendo 3DS rejuvenates the series, but will it be everything fans expect? Find out as we preview Pokemon X and Y.  

You bid farewell to your hometown and step onto the fresh long grass, your Pokedex in hand preparing to find and train all those Pokemon. There are new enemies to beat, new gyms to defeat and tons of bug Pokemon to find in the first forest area of Pokemon X and Y.

The bulk of the Pokemon formula remains firmly in place in Pokemon X and Y. Now that the series has seen 12 core games, the formula is beginning to look a little stretched. With Pokemon X and Y the majority of the gameplay stays true to form. The biggest change here is in the game’s graphical style.

Pokemon X and Y features a brand new  new visual style

The handheld Pokemon series has been steadily progressing towards 3D worlds for a long time now, with previous Pokemons games including more and more dynamic environments. The visuals for Pokemon X and Y are fresh, merging the top-down perspective with the graphical style of the TV show. For the majority of Pokemon X and Y you’ll view the world from the top-down perspective, with a zoom camera highlighting specific features of the game world.

One of the most exciting aspect of Pokemon X and Y is the new animated 3D models of the Pokemon that you see in battle. We now see the Pokemon represented in a way which is half the TV show, half the previous games.

The new visual design of Pokemon X and Y’s graphics has had a knock on effect on other parts of the game too. It’s now set in a fictional France, where previous games were set in Japan. The entire game focuses around a theme of beauty, which the fictional France provides for plentifully. Japanese people often travel to France to receive training in areas related to beauty (art and fashion, for instance), so it makes sense of this new, visually beautiful Pokemon game to hop over to Francois too.

Pikachu looks cuter than ever in Pokemon X and Y for 3DS 

Pokemon X and Y’s revamped graphics has allowed for new designs for the protagonists. You pick your gender and are given three unique looks to select from, the looks varying in hair colour and skin tone. You can customise your character’s clothing and accessories and there are tons of different outfits to unlock.

Clearly there is a lot that’s new about Pokemon X and Y, but there’s also a lot which is old. Many of the best Pokemon are back, though njow in 3D. You’ll get to catch Caterpie and Pidgey, along with Psyduck and other old favourites.

Without doubt, the main focus on Pokemon X and Y is with the graphical design, however, and it’s easy to see fans getting excited over it. Pokemon X and Y looks like a stunning 3DS game. We cannot wait to get our hands on it and catch em all over again.

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