PREVIEW: Capcom’s Deep Down Ps4 Game

Capcom’s eep Down is one of those immersive games that is best played alone, at home, with the lights off and the curtain drawn. Drowning in your clunking great armour as Deep Down’s protagonist you’ll find yourself sneaking up to corners, desperately trying to hear what lies around the corner.

Deep Down is one of most intriguing PS4 games we’ve seen

The Deep Down demo didn’t reveal much of the plot— something about Ravens, a type of warrior who are fighting through the labyrinth’s of Deep Down’s procedurally generated worlds. The demo did highlight the game’s mechanics, however. In the level I played you find yourself fighting a tribe of monsters that look like Gamorean guards (from Star Wars). They offer one heck of a fight. Even playing in casual mode I barely made it through the level alive.

Deep Down’s demo offered a choice of two of the game’s four playable characters, each of which has their own visual design and their own kind of armour. The character I played was laden with chainmail.

I began in one of Deep Down’s dark caverns, the walls crumbling around me. Some pots offered fodder for the pike I held in my hand. Holding L1 and tapping R1 has your character doing a stabbing motion which is ideal for close range combat. I stabbed the pots. They were empty. I then tried my powerful attack, a thrust, performed by holding L1 and tapping R2.

Gameplay graphics from Deep Down non PS4

With knowledge of my weapons I trudged on and met a pig-headed guard. I stabbed him from behind like a true man. Damage numbers indicated the damage I’d done. He turned and slashed his weapon at me. Had I known I could have dove out the way but I just stood there, taking my punishment while desperately trying to dispatch this villain.

There are many surprised lurking in Capcom’s Feep Down. You need to have your wits about you and be ready with some quick reflexes if you are to survive. The surprises might be by accident, given that Deep Down is randomly generated, but either way they serve to spice things up.

Deep Down boasts a giant world which would be easy to get lost in were it not for the map— accessed by touching the Dualshock 4’2 touch pad. There are tons of obstacles too, ranging from pillars that shoot fire-arrows to jets of flames that scorch you and your enemies. You can shove your enemies into the flame too, dealing awesome damage, but be careful you don’t get burnt yourself.

If I’m left with any disappointment about Deep Down it’s that the demo was too short and didn’t reveal much of the gameplay system.    There are a lot of questions waiting to be answered.

Deep Down could be one of the PS4’s early greats, if this demo is anything to go by.

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