PS3 is King of Video Game Art, says Puppeteer

Pupeteer, a new game from Sony Japan Studio,  shows that Sony may be moving in the direction of video games as art. This one game catapults the PS3 to the top of video game art (at least in terms of the big 3). Discover the beauty and brilliance of Putterer below.

Puppeteer: Video Game Art at its Best

Puppeteer is a platform adventure starring a puppet. Sounds simple, but then you consider the graphics and gameplay shown at Gamescon at you realise how amazing a game this might be.

The graphics in puppeteer are amazing. The opening from Gamesom (below) shows an artistic use of depth as layer upon layer of the game world is revealed in 2.5D. A witch (who herself features some fantastically characterful animation) beckons your character and off you go through an utterly magical looking world.

Pupeteer’s colour palette is also very artistic. Each stage shown in the trailer has a clear colour theme, some being icy cool and metallic, others fiery. These create a genuine sense of atmosphere to Pupeteer which gives it a depth of character rarely seen in games.

One point that most will fail to make about Pupeteer is the quality of the voice acting. The witch’s voice is particularly powerful, sinister and frankly terrifying. The fact that the voice acting is so good really illustrates how much effort is being put into every aspect of this PS3 game.

For a real treat, see the tiger at 1m 39s. Even the gameplay in this section looks artistic as you cut away the tiger’s claws so it loses its balance.

Puppeteer is a very exciting looking game, packed full of some of the best video game art to have been seen in years.


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