PS4 / Playstation 4 Games List and the Future of Video Game Design

We analytically examine the PS4 games list and reveal what currently unannounced Playstation 4 games you can expect to see over the upcoming months. 

The upcoming release of PS4 and the many great Playstation 4 games currently revealed make it an exciting time to examine the future of video game design. As any good video game design school will say, there’s nothing quite like a new console release to shake up the art and business of designing video games. So, what does the PS4 offer for the future of video game design? We’ll be answering this question in a series of upcoming articles.

The first entry into our series on the future of video game design regards the PS4 games list. In this article we’ll be looking at the PS4 games list by genre, revealing strengths and weaknesses of the PS4 games list and revealing as-yet unannounced games that you can expect to see on PS4, including: Thor: The Dark World, LittleBigPlanet 3 and more.


PS4 Games list  by Genre

RPG: Deep Down, Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, Final Fantasy  14

Platformer: Knack,

Shooter: Killzone Shadow Fall, Destiny, Battlefield 4, Yager’s game, APB Vendetta, Sniper elite 3, BlackLight: Retribution, Call of Duty: Ghosts,

Adventure Adventure: Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed 4, , infamous, Cybrepunk 2077, Batman Arkham Origins, Primal Carnage: Genesis, Thief, Dying Light,

Sports: Pro Evolution Soccer,

Racing: Driveclub, Carmageddon Reincarnation,  Need for Speed Rivals,

Hack n Slash: Diablo 3

Puzzle: The Witness

MMO: APB Vendetta,

Motion Control: Media Molecule game,

Unknown: Quantic Dreams title, the Just Add Water game,



So, which genre is getting the most games and which genres are lacking? Let’s take a look. . .

Total Games:  30 (there are more PS4 games but with unknown genres)

PS3 Games List Percentage by Genre:

RPG: 9.9% (3)

Platform:  3.3% (1)

Shooter:  26% (8)

Action Adventure: 26% (8)

Sports: 3.3% (1)

Racing: 9.9% (3)

Hack n Slash 3.3% (1)

Puzzle: 3.3% (1)

MMO: 3.3% (1)

Motion control: 3.3% (1)

Unknown: 6.6% (2)



Thoughts on PS4 games lists genre division:

It’s little surprise to see many Shooters and Action Adventure games on the Playstation 4, given the popularity of the genres. More surprising is the near complete lack of platform games. Platformers have been successful on the PS3 and all other consoles. Expect to see some platform games announced imminently for Playstation4.

It’s great to see the Puzzle genre being represented with Jonathan Blow’s The Witness. Puzzle games have dying over recent years so to see one so early on the PS4 is great.

Surprising Genres missing from the Playstation 4 games list: Fighting games. We know that Capcom are working on Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2013. The game is presumed to be an update on PS3, but given that the PS4 is out this holiday season and any updates to SSF4 will presumably take a few months at least, it looks like Capcom will be releasing a new game on an old system. Is that really worth their while? Perhaps they have a card up their sleeve. It would not be impossible to see SSF4 AE 2013 as a reasonably cheap and early DLC game on PS4. Either way, the PS4 is in need of a good fighting game, especially given the genres rise in popularity over recent years.

Motion Control: While Media Molecule’s game is motion control we know next to nothing about it and it looked more like a conceptual piece than an actual game during the PS4 Press Conference. Outside of this there are no motion control games for PS4 (or rather, there are no games specifically designed for motion control on PS4). This sets up an interesting divide between PS4 and XBOX One. XBOX One is largely focused on motion control. If PS4 is moving away from this area, the battle for the best next gen console could revolve around whether or not motion control (and more specifically Kinect 2.0) becomes a success. If it does, it’s hard to see Sony winning the battle, and if it doesn’t, a lot of Microsoft’s efforts will have gone to waste.

Social Games: While many of the games featured have multiplayer, there are no “social” games on PS4 so far. Given the PS4’s focus on social gaming this is a big surprise. Expect an announcement regarding Little Big Planet on PS4 very soon.

Fitness, Dance and Music games: Fitness, dance and music games were some of the biggest growing game genres over the past five years, with title from Just Dance to Guitar Hero becoming commercial juggernauts. These games will likely follow a few months after the PS4’s release, but given their importance to the casual gaming demographic, it’s surprising not to see them represented here.


Weaknesses of the Playstation 4 Games List

The Playstation 4 games list is hugely focused around hardcore gamers. Most games seen so far are conventional (with 62% of games coming from the Shooter, Action / Adventure and RPG genres). The problem with this is that there’s so little to pull in casual gamers or even brand new gamers. The lack of fighting games is a big hole in the catalogue too.

Strengths of the Playstation 4 Games List

The Playstation 4 games list feels like it’s been custom designed for hardcore gamers. With huge names like Killzone Shadow Fall, Batman Arkham Origins and Final Fantasy 14, Sony are certain to capture a very healthy part of the hardcore gaming demographic.


 PS4 Games List: Changes to Expect

Within the next few months at least two fighting games will be revealed for the Playstation 4.  Fighting games might not be the largest game genre, but their demographic is more than big enough to demand one or two PS4 titles. Street Fighter and Tekken titles are a given, but when they will be announced and released remains to be seen.

Casual and social games: The PS4 is being release for the holidays, the one time when video game publishers and developers have the opportunity to bring in new gamers. Many game developers are going to set their sights on the casual market this holiday. Expect a horde of casual games to be announced in the run-up to the holidays.

Movie Games: Expect to see cash-in game developments for Thor: The Dark World and The Hobbit:  The Desolation of Smaug.





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