Pudding Monsters by Zeptolab Game Review

Okay, let’s get one thing straight: Pudding Monsters is a freaking ADORABLE game. .. I mean, if you took Moshi Monsters, added Gummi Bears and stirred in a bunch of sugar and a cuddle, then you’d be somewhere near the ridiculous cuteness of Pudding Monsters.

Did I mention that it’s cute?

Oh, okay, sorry. I just love cute stuff an awful lot, you see. Anyway, let’s get on with the game review why don’t we?

so, how does Pudding Monsters the game work?

In Pudding Monsters, you find yourself no a game board which contains a bunch of monsters. Your mission is to assimilate all those monsters into one by making them slide into one another. To do so, you simply tap and swipe a monster to get it moving. It will then keep sliding until it bumps into either an object or another monster. You’ll also want to collect stars by making sure that the final, assimilated monster finishes up on the starred tiles. Here, check out the trailer and you’ll get the gist in no time. . .

 Pudding Monsters Trailer

You can probably tell from the trailer that the game itself isn’t the most complex nor the most original. It’s a simple, humble game that knows exactly what it is. What sets Pudding Monsters apart from the pack of puzzle games, however, is its unbelievably high production values. Every single element of the game looks and sounds perfect. It’s like a candy store for your eyes and ears, a candy store you’re going to be picking at time and again.

So, Pudding Monster is a simple game, but a freaking beautiful simple game. If that sounds like a blast to you, pick up your copy today.


Overall: 4.5   /  5

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