Relaxing Games (Free Online)

Relaxing Games

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 is one of the best relaxing games to play online

Sometimes all you need is to chill out, kick back and relax, and what better way to do it than with a highly relaxing video game? The following games are some of the most relaxing games available today. Play them for ten minutes any time you’re feeling stress. They’re sure to calm you down and get you relaxed in no time.


William & Sly

Explore a beautiful forest as you play a fox in this refreshingly relaxing game, set to some of the most relaxing in-game music around.

Play William & Sly HERE


Epic Battle Fantasy 3


Get stuck in to the super-sweet fantasy land of Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and let it’s extremely cute characters capture your imagination as you play through the relaxing quests of the game.

Play Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Here 

Echo Genesis

An incredibly original an stylish game, Echo Genesis will take you to the wonderful relaxation of wildlife. It’s one of the most unique and most relaxing games around.

Play Echo Genesis HERE


Winter Bells is one of the cutest games of all time. It’s so simple your nan can play it and so charming it will be pulling at your heartstrings within seconds. You’re a bunny, and you jump, and that’s about it. BRILLIANT!

Play Winter Bells Here


 Relaxing Games that Help you Let Go: This is a list of mainstream games that help you to stop thinking so you can truly relax .


 Relaxing Games that help with Stress

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