Remember Me: The Game’s Top Influences

We introduced Remember Me and Nilin—the game’s female lead-in our coverage of Gamesscom 2012. In that article, we said that Remember me was already showing Dontnod Entertainment to be masters in video game design. Now, more details have arisen about this excellent character and the extremely exciting world of which she is part. The latest news on Remember Me makes one thing abundantly clear: it has a lot of influences.

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Remember Me: The Game Was Inspired By. .  .

Here’s a list of the most important movies and games to have influenced Remember Me:

Inception: There can be no doubt, given the “memory remixing” theme to the game, that Remember Me was influenced by Inception. The core concept is the same: Nilin must enter the mind of characters in order to change their memories so their lives will alter. Of course, Inception was far from the first movie to cover this subject, but the size of the movie and its recency make it particularly relevant.

Deus Ex: There can be no doubt that Remember Me was hugely influenced by Deus Ex. Not only is it a cyberpunk game, but the graphics and mood look near identical, and even the computers seen in Remember Me look like the old ones from Deus Ex.

Bladerunner: The world of Remember Me (which is set inParis) is hugely influenced by Blade Runner. The art direction is near identical. There’s the famous Blade Runner moody atmosphere which is now synonymous with cyberpunk (a genre which in itself was largely established thanks to Blade Runner). The only thing that’s missig is Harrison Ford.


More Influences on Remember Me. .  .

The Day After Tomorrow: The theme of Remember Me heavily involves global warming, with water having risen over the city. Of course, The Day After Tomorrow is not the only story with this theme, but the way global warming has been discussed in Remember Me sounds an awful lot like the Roland Emmerich movie.

Mirror’s Edge: Nilin looks a heck of a lot like Faith Connors from Mirror’s Edge

Assassin’s Creed: Even though, to me, Remember Me doesn’t look too much like Assassin’s Creed (at least not compared to other games and movies on this list) a lot of people say the gameplay looks similar.


Clearly, Remember Me has been influenced by a lot of different works in both movies and games. However. .  .

Remember Me is still original. .  .

It’s worth stating that every game has its influences. Indeed, every creative work of any kind has its influences (that’s why all video game design courses focus on the history of gaming: so designers have a mass array of knowledge to reference in their designs). By the look of this list, Remember Me’s chosen it’s influences very well.

Imagine it. Assassin Creed’s gameplay with Mirror Edge’s awesome character with the basic theme and subject of Inception taking place in a cross between Blade Runner and Deus Ex. .

Uhhhh.  .. yeah. I want this game!


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