Resident Evil 6 Jake Gameplay and New Leon Gameplay

As you’re about to discover in this Resident Evil 6 preview of the Ada Wong and Agent Hunt campaigns, Capcom are pulling out all the stops with the latest series in this legendary franchise. That’s just as well, because they need to. The franchise is in decline. Resident Evil 5 satisfied few, and even less can be said forRaccoonCity. If Resident Evil is to stay at the top, where it rightly belongs, then Capcom need to get Resident Evil 6 right. Fans knew this when they got their hands on the demo. When that disappointed too, things were looking bleak for the Resident Evil franchise. Thank goodness, then, that we can all take a deep breath now that Capcom have allowed a lucky few to get their hands on a near-complete build.

The latest build of Resident Evil 6, you will be highly relieved to hear, reveals that this is not another 5. Capcom are pulling out all the stop with 6. And when we say “pulling out all the stops” we’re not kidding. Capcom claim that Resident Evil 6 will run at over 50 hours and will feature three distinct campaigns, each of which will features its own unique style, all of which have online co-op. then there’s the Ada Wong campaign, a Prelude campaign, and no less than two competitive online modes, Agent Hunt and Mercenaries.

Resident Evil 6: Ada Wong Campaign

The Ada Wong campaign was supposed to be a surprise, but as with most surprises in gaming these days, fans knew of its existence long before they were expected to. The Ada Wong campaign is unlocked after the first three campaigns have been completed. The campaign begins in a graveyard, a spectacular scene which highlights exactly how amazing Resident Evil 6’s graphics are. The artistry etches the names of survival horror deep into the scenes of Resident Evil 6. The warm light of a flame bathes the darkened walls. Silently a puddle shimmers at the edge of the screen, distracting the eye, pulling you into the dark and moody atmosphere. And then there’s Ada Wong. Her moves are flawlessly rendered, the shadows on her form creating a depth and realism that catapults Resident Evil 6’s graphics to the very precipice of gaming visuals.

Ada Wong’s theme once again reveals how Capcom have pulled out all the stops with Resident Evil 6: it features everything. There’s puzzle solving, combat, set-pieces and Ada Wong’s impressive posterior. The puzzles are excellent—significantly better than the puzzles we are used to in the Resident Evil franchise. They’re not exactly brain-busters, but they will have you scratching your head.

The set pieces in Ada Wong’s campaign are amazing. One of the standout moments occurs with one of the bosses; a naked woman with tentacles coming out her back. This arena battle comes to an abrupt ending when the floor collapses and you fall down into a conveniently placed mine cart. Moments like this hearken back to the mind-blowingly awesome Resident Evil 4, as does the script; it’s that trashy-horror-meets-cheesy-comedy joy of 4 that we all remember fondly.

Resident Evil 6: Agent Hunt 

Agent Hunt has you entering a player’s game as a monster. You won’t be winning a head-on fight with an agent, so you have to look to employ stealth and cunning. You’ll be attempting to sneak up on people so you can attack them from behind and annihilate them before they can deal with you. Should you die you’ll have a brief wait before being respawning. There’s an arcade feel to Resident Evil 6’s Agent Hunt which makes for a very refreshing change to the franchise’s formula.


From what has so far been seen of this latest Resident Evil 6 build, it looks like fans may well get what they’ve been craving since Resident Evil 4. This could be a new high for survival horror and a new high for the Resident Evil franchise. So, all is well again.


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