Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Characters

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Characters: Bertha



BERTHA is an excellent medic, dedicated to healing and keeping the human body working to its maximum potential. Her talent in this area overshadows the fact that she also has an extreme lack of bedside manner; it often seems it is her mission to terrify the person she is working on by detailing exactly how much pain they can expect to experience. This is a particularly pertinent point as BERTHA very rarely uses anesthetic.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Characters: Lupo


Karen LesProux, codenamed “LUPO”, was an operative of the Umbrella Security Service.

LUPO currently leads the ‘Wolfpack,’ within the U.S.S. and she demands the same discipline and obedience that she expects from her own children. This approach has earned her the nickname Wolf Mother.


Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Characters: Vector

Little is known about VECTOR’s background, other than he has obviously trained with Japanese masters as his martial artistry is impressive. His movements are instinctive and smooth – this is in complete contrast to when VECTOR is at rest, standing as motionless as a statue.

He has spent time training directly under our own U.S.S. Alpha Team leader, HUNK per his request. Both share a mutual respect for the others’ abilities – and have an ice-cold disregard for any U.S.S. Soldier they consider inferior.

VECTOR has been assigned to Wolfpack where HUNK’s influence will live on. VECTOR has indicated he would like to continue serving with HUNK but for now the organization is better served with them on different teams. Perhaps the occasion will arise when they will work together again.


Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Characters: Spectre

Vladimir Bodrovski, codenamed “SPECTRE”, was a member of the Umbrella Security Service, and renowned for his great sharpshooting ability. SPECTRE also has a goggle-like device that can be used in many ways (looking through walls and thermal imaging).

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Characters: Four Eyes


Christine Yamata[2] codenamed “FOUR EYES” is an Umbrella Security Service operative and virologist who took part in Wolfpack mission into Raccoon City.

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Characters: Beltway



Hector Hivers, codenamed “BELTWAY” is a heavily-built member of the Umbrella Security Service. He’s an expert on explosives weapons; wearing equally-heavy armour with a grenade belt along the waist, and His left leg a prosthetic.


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