Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Review



Resident Evil heads back to where it began with Operation Raccoon City, but it’s not just the location that’s the same as old as this title fails to find new ground.


The story is based on that of Resident Evil 2, with player’s playing as the Umbrella Security Services, who must cover up company secrets. The retelling of the classic RE2 story, however, feels old and stale.


Gameplay works as a shooting heavy squad based affair with scripted points and waypoint objectives. Player progression is based on finding or developing roles in combat, with each role having unique skills that offer some versatility to gameplay.


Unfortunately, the campaign itself is very unimaginative, being a straight-out blaster that feels very repetitive and lacks any sense of flair, which is matches in the multiplayer, which also lacks originality. Don’t worry though, the game isn’t going to last very long so you won’t have to stand being bored for long.


Perhaps the biggest disappointment here is thatOperationRaccoonCitydoes not even manage to replicate what was great about previous entries. There’s ammo everywhere, there’s no suspense, no real sense of the adventure or exploration of the pervious Resident Evil games. . . need I go on? This is not Resident Evil. It’s a very cheap cash-in.


Perhaps the only good point ofOperationRaccoonCityis the monsters, which share the gruesome, goriness of their brethren.


In a colourful series, this is a monotone grey slab of boredom.


5.5 / 10



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