Retrobooster Indie Game Review

Cave flyers  have long been a favourite genre for hardcore gaming fans looking for a real challenge. The genre have survived, though barely, through hardcore indie game fans. Now, independent game developer Really Slick has determined to revitalise the genre with modern visuals and physics. We’re only too pleased to say Really Slick has succeeded.

Perhaps my favourite element of Retrobooster is the graphics. They might not be photorealistic, but they are a treat to behold. Once the enemies start flying at you and bullets and lasers are all over the screen, you’re treated to a visual spectacle. Really Slick has done a fantastic job with the particle effects, with realistic smoke for your thrusters and excellent lighting that creates a sense of depth as its cast across the walls. It’s largely thanks to the lighting that the gameplay comes to life, immersing you in the frenzy of lasers shots and combat.

Excellent graphics are not Retrobooster’s only strength. The difficulty is perfect, offering a real challenge and demanding genuine skill. You’ll need to master the controls, which will take practice, but once you are accustomed to the controllers you’ll be having a blast, weaving your way through projectiles and traps.

I have to commend Really Slick for the excellent level design. The levels really add to the challenge, presenting additional dangers like moving gears and tight-spaces. Together with the enemies it’s all amounts to a hell of a challenge, which is precisely what fans of the genre want.

For its excellent graphics and challenge, I have to give Retrobooster 4 out of 5, and recommend fans of the genre to head over to the developer’s website.


Paul Harrison

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