A stylish endless runner, Boogey Boy is a really impressive title from Goon Studios

I guess to most people nightmares can seem like an adrenaline rush as you run away from something that’s chasing you. My own nightmares are a lot different to that. I get night tremors that lead to sleep paralysis—kinda the opposite of endless running… anyway, back to this review. Boogey Boy is a nightmarish endless runner by Goon Studios, and features random generated levels. Sounds good. Does it deliver?

You start of sleeping next to your sibling. Your sibling is then abducted by a demonic figure. You take a flashlight and chase after them. And hey presto, here you go, a brilliant set-up for some endless running shenanigans.

Gameplay is traditional to the endless runner genre. Tapping the screen is jump, bottom left tap makes you use a power-up (which you collect throughout the levels). All standard. The tapping is responsive, the controls work great and it’s all pretty intuitive.

Your goal is to set a high score—again, pretty traditional for an endless runner. To get that high score you’ll need to collect stars as you run. Stars lead to multipliers and… well, it’s all standard stuff. If you get hit you don’t die, you slow down. But if you’re hit three times the shadow figure will catch you and the level starts again. As you run through the level you’ll collect batteries for your flashlight. Nab three of them and the light will power on, despatching the shadowy figure in its luminance. Batteries, however, have only a finite life. So there’s a risk and reward at play here. You have to decide whether to collect a battery whether you come across it or whether to get your high score first and then nab all the batteries.

Different levels see different monsters chasing you in different themed worlds. The first is a haunted mansion. The levels themselves are random generated, so there’s a lot of replayability and unpredictability. At times the random generation can be a little annoying. Sometimes you’ll make a jump which should be perfectly safe, only to hit a monster. It can be annoying, but it’s a small flaw and certainly not a game breaker.

There are a lot of great aspects to this game, but if I had to pick just one thing that I love about it, it would be the graphical style. The backdrops look beautiful, the cell shading is stylish, the animations are smooth and clean. It’s seriously impressive visually. The same can be said of the music—it’s awesome. 8-bit electronic retro game music, it’ll please everyone I’m sure.

All in all, Boogey Boy is a slick, stylish and soundly build endless runner that is highly recommended.

Overall: 4.5 out of 5


Paul Harrison

Paul M Harrison is an entertainment journalist, novelist, and blogger, and a specialist in the theory of storytelling. Paul Harrison can be contacted via his personal website or on Twitter or Facebook.