Review: Dungeons of the Endless

Get ready for an action packed, fast thinking roguelike defense game as Amplitude Studios relases Dungeons of the Endless, a roguelike game full of strategy.

Dungeons of the Endless blends together many different game genres, using familiar gameplay elements to create a new experience. It’s a game the fully showcases the creative talents of Amplitude Studios.

Dungeons of the Endless is a tower defence roguelike game (one of very few). As such, you’re not going to  be able to play it in the same that you would play more traditional roguelike games. Then again, you can’t play it like a traditional tower defence game either. It’s between the two. You have to defend crystals while surviving levels. To do that you’ll need to create a sae route through a randomly generated dungeon full of monsters, in order to protect your crystal and carry it from point A to point B.

Simple as that. LOL.

Clearly this is a unique title. It’s genius, actually. It simultaneously feels familiar and yet completely new. Yes, that is a complete contradiction, but it’s also the truth. Dungeons of the Endless feels completely new, but it’s familiar enough so that you can get into it almost as soon as you start playing.

So anyway, your mission is to create a safe passage through a dungeon. To do that you’ll need to use modules, which provide resources and can buff your heroes. There’s a ton to do. You’ll be exploring and gathering while slaying monsters while planning your safe route. You’ll also have to determine which characters you want to use as your crystal carriers.

I honestly don’t know whether my description has done Dungeon of the Endless justice. So let’s just jump right to the point: this game is magnificent. You’ll be playing for hours and hours and it’ll feel fresh the whole time. It’s familiar yet new. It’s presented wonderfully. Honestly, it’s a marvel of game design.

Stop reading my lame attempts to define what this game is and just go and play it already. Here’s the link:


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