Review: Super Splatters by Indie Game Developer SpikySnail Games

Our latest indie game review is for the action packed Super Splatters by independent game develop SpikySnail Games.

Review: Super Splatters by Indie Game Developer SpikySnail Games

Spiky Snail Game’s Super Splatters is a fast paced arcade game full of mayhem, destruction and combos. It’s the update to XBLA game The Splatters and is available on Linux, Max and PC.

For most, Super Splatters will be reminiscent of Angry Birds and similar physics-puzzlers. But at the same time, the game does plenty to ensure a unique feel. It’s full of personality, has its own unique charm and is extremely well polished.

A physics puzzler, Super Splatters tasks you with launching gooey blobs at walls in order to watch them explode over fireworks which, in turn, detonate. Explode every firework and you’ll complete the level.

Each level contains its own challenges and you’ll spend a good deal of time learning new moves in training stages. On some levels you’ll be firing your splatters freestyle, where other levels require the use of preset stunts. The stuns include splattering above the target or sliding along walls. You’ll also be performing combos by chaining stunts.

Super Splatters has tons of moves that offer a great deal of mobility to your splatters. By clicking once you’ll make the splatter jump in the direction you clicked. Clicking again makes the splatter fire more forcefully, clicking a third time before impact activates “ballistic” mode, optimistic your spatters burst zone.


The pacing of the game is perhaps a little slow. You have to wait some time before gaining access to all your abilities. Once you do gain access to all your abilities, however, you’ll be having a riot. The gameplay might be simple, but the challenge and the sheer amount of fun makes the game feel action packed and exciting.    There’s good pacing to the difficulty too. You’re constantly challenged.

Perhaps the one critic of Super Splatters it that it is somewhat shallow. It would have been great to see more creativity and variety to the gameplay. Everything else, however, is excellent. The presentation is fantastic, the pacing spot on and the action a blast.

For more on Super Splatters, head over to the game’s developer Spiky Snail Games. 

Overall; 4 out of 5 

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