Review: Teenage Medusa by Vancouver Film School

Vancouver Film School’s new action game Teenage Medusa is a free game starring a modern day Medusa. Medusa is, of course, the snake-haired woman of Greek mythology who turns people to stone.  In this game, she’s gone to high school.

Teenage Medusa shows the quality of creative minds over at Vancouver Film School. In the game Medusa goes to school with other mythological creatures. She doesn’t much like it, to say the least. As she moves through levels she throws objects with her hair and must defend herself against cheerleads and other enemies.

My personal favourite enemy in Teenage Medusa has to be the Cyclops janitor, who isn’t a big fan of Medusa and tries to knock her out with chairs.


The characterisation and unique combination of high school and Greek mythology really is inventive and does credit to Vancouver Film School. The game is packed full of references to mythology and could almost be called educational for the fact that it exposes people to mythology.

If only major game developers had the creative guts and spark of genius that Vancouver Film School have shown with Teenage Medusa, the state of gaming would be a heck of a lot healthier these days.


Paul Harrison

Paul M Harrison is an entertainment journalist, novelist, and blogger, and a specialist in the theory of storytelling. Paul Harrison can be contacted via his personal website or on Twitter or Facebook.

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