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We’ve been looking forward to the release of Firedroid Games’ Kings Can Fly. The game is finally out. Is it as good as we had anticipated?

Kings Can Fly is a great indie game for relaxing and unwinding

What’s the benefit of playing Kings Can Fly?

Kings Can Fly is a strategic game that will give your brain some gentle exercise while relaxing you with its slow pace and cute graphics.

Kings Can Fly Review

Being the kinda guy who likes cute stuff a lot and spends about 90% of my time cuddling stuff, I’m naturally rather keen on cute looking games. In this regard, Kings Can Fly is a winner. it begins with a bright and colourful animation of a bored king. He’s visited by his chief engineer, who runs through the tutorial on how to play.

Kings Can Fly plays-out on a grid filled with houses and cliffs (that reminds me very much of Wetrix for the SNES). Airships enter from one dock and must leave through another using wind power. Their path is controlled by the flow of wind.

As the game progresses the paths the ships must travel become more and more complex. Before long, you’ll be guiding multiple ships through large and elaborate courses. You can change your perspective and zoom in but, due to slightly dodgy controls, you may find that its better to find one great viewing angle and keep the camera still.

Kings Can Fly is a slow paced game with relaxing music and gorgeous graphics. Kings Can Fly wants you to take your time and have fun (rather than hurrying you through the game). This is one of its best charms. You really will find the game relaxing. At times, Kings Can Fly may feel a little too slow and can lack the buzz of excitement, but for the most part the slow pace is a blessing. We spend tons of hours playing fast paced action games, why not chill out a little with a slower and more relaxing game like Kings Can Fly?

The question of whether Kings Can Fly is too slow and relaxing really is the crux of the matter when it comes to getting the game or not. If you want excitement and action, this definitely is not the right game for you, but, if like myself, you fancy chilling out for a bit and relaxing with a calmer title, then Kings Can Fly is an absolute marvel of a game.


Overall: **** out of 5

Fans of Mobage will be instantly at home with their freemium arcade action game DOT Defender of Texel. It features everything you’ve come to expected from the developer: boss fights, questing, PvP, team building and more. Yet, despite these familiarities, the game remains new feeling thanks to beautiful fantastical graphics and blisteringly high production values.

A short but sweet tutorial introduces you to game. Combats makes use of nine heroes that players select in groups of three by swiping along a 3X3 grid. The good then battle the bad until one of the groups is no more. To quest, you simply tap “Go” and the leader of the group walks down a path, finding enemies, treasure and other defenders with which to fight. You’ll also be engaging in the odd spot of hero management and creation. The items you earn can be used to buy more heroes, sacrifice them or fuse them together to create more evolved forms.

The combat is pretty simple, but its still great fun to watch a powerful group of heroes smashing their opponents to pieces. The graphics are a real treat too, being of the retro / pixelated style that’s loved by so many of us.

The one area in which Defenders of Texel is lacking is in the ability to trade with other players. Having rarity classification and not having trading options is downright enraging. It’s one heck of a slip, in my opinion, but it’s not enough to spoil the fun of DOT Defenders of Texel.

The biggest pull of the game is certain to be its gorgeous pixelated graphics. Well, that and the brilliant gameplay we’ve come to expect of Mobage, All in all, it’s a winning formula that is highly recommended.

OVERALL: 4 out of 5

If I told you that you could take part in high-altitude battles between Vikings and buccaneers, you’d quite rightly be pant-wettingly excited. Well, get ready to wet those pants then because that’s exactly what Ludocraft are offering with AirBuccaneers.

. . . too much pant wetting . . . okay, sorry. . .

AirBuccaneers is an online cooperative first person shooter for PC that has you blowing enemy ships out the sky. The game starts by giving you the choice of playing as either a buccaneer or a Viking (I choose Viking). You can change you loyalty at any time and the aim of the game is simple: kill people and don’t die.


AirBucaneers doesn’t have a solo option, which is a bit off-putting if you’re an antisocial git like me. But the game is solely multiplayer for good reason—namely that the multiplayer freaking ROCKS. You get to cheer and laugh together rather than being a loner—which surely can only be a good thing.



AirBucanneers is presented pleasantly even if not brilliantly so. Graphics and sound are decent. The environments are detailed and pretty and there’s enough variety to keep things fresh. This helps to numb the disappointment of not being able to custom design your character and the fact that there are only two (yes two) character models. The animation is less than amazing too.


What makes AirBuccaneers a truly great game is the gameplay. You’ll have one heck of a blast in the skies as you kick your enemies ass. The action is chaotic, with fire and explosions all over the map. There’s even a really interesting story backing things up (though sadly it doesn’t really intertwine with the gameplay itself—its just an aside, albeit a very entertaining one).

All in all, AirBuccaneers is a truly unique and highly enjoyable gaming experience. It’s a little pricey at $14.99, but well worth it for the blast you’ll have playing.


AirBuccaneers Overall Review Score: 4 out of 5

One of these days I have to get around to writing an article on the weirdest indie game titles. One potential game that would feature is this: F.O.L.D – Fantastic Olfactory Latrine Discovery. Yes, it’s a bizarre name, but it’s a pretty straight-forward game. It’s also a game that will exercise your brain with its creative form of puzzles.

F.O.L.D is a very easy game to pick up and start playing, even for those who don’t usually play games. You hit [Left] and [Right] to move one block at a time. Your guy automatically walks up single-step platforms so you don’t need to worry about jumping. You can pick up blocks by pressing [Up] and put them down using [Down].

The special move, as it were, is the ability to fold the stage in two so as to create a mirror image (the second half of the stage mirrors the first). You can only use this move for a limited amount of time. You can use a control pad if you like, but the game works perfectly with keyboard.

As you can tell, F.O.L.D is easy to play, but it holds some great puzzles. You will definitely be working your creative brain as you try to look for the solution to the puzzles.

F.O.L.D is a great way to exercise your brain for a while and is recommended both for regular gamers and for newcomers.

Overall: 3.5 out of 5

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