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Buddha Finger Review

Over the past year, the mostly-female developer Lady Shotgun Games has earned a great deal of media attention. Now it’s time to see if the former Tomb Raider developers have delivered a quality title in the debut iOS game: Buddha Finger.

Buddha Fingers is a highly addictive rhythm game that tests your tapping in a homage to kung fu movies.


What’s the benefit of playing Buddha Finger?  Buddha Finger will train your reflexes as you need to hit targets fast. It will also increase your concentration.


The plot to Buddha Finger is simple and cheesy. You play as a young street urchin queuing for America’s Next Top Ninja when a martial arts master by the name of Shifu approaches you. Shifu train you in Buddha Finger, a martial arts technique so powerful it enables you to beat down your opponent in four strikes.  Once you’re trained you’ll take on evil kingpin The Man.

.. .see, told you the plot was simple and cheesy.

Buddha Finger will train your reflexes and work your concentration. 


In Buddha Finger you must rhythmically hit numbered buttons in order to take down your opponent. The main challenge to the game is its demand for accuracy. If you miss a target by the tiniest of margins you’ll be taken down a notch. The targets appear very very quickly so your reflexes will be tested too.

The gameplay of Buddha Finger is kept fresh thanks to the various requirements of buttons. Sometimes you must tap the buttons repeatedly, at other times you’ll need to swipe. It all comes down to your reflexes though: either you’re quick enough to hit the buttons in time or you’re not.

The biggest problem with Buddha Finger is that it’s very hard to play on the smaller iPhone. It’s a heck of a lot more fun on an iPad. But if you can forgive the minor nuisance of the screen size then Buddha Finger is a great little game that won’t just keep you entertained but will train your reflexes and concentration too. As such, I have to recommend Buddha Finger.

 OVERALL: **** out of 5 

Pick it up today and learn the ancient art of the Buddha Finger!

2012 hasn’t been the best year for XBLIG. The system’s had more painfully awful games this year than I’ve  had roast dinners (and I’m British. . . I’ve had a lot of roast dinners). Thankfully, a select few notable titles have sprinkled a much-needed dash of brilliance here and there. One such title is Bootdisk Revolution’s Bleed.

In Bleed, your mission is to defeat the world’s best heroes to become the newest member of the Hall of heroes. To complete your mission, you’ll need to journey through each heroes home base—each base is beautifully designed to represent the hero—followed by one more final world at the end of the game. The levels range from a creepy mansion to high rise houses.

Each level comes stocked with its own dangers. The high rise has security drones and lasers while another level has avalanches of rock. Each level is unique and there’s a great deal of versatility to the design, meaning the game always feels fresh and exciting.

In order to safely traverse the levels you’ll use the left trigger to slow down time. Combining this skill with quadruple jumps allows you Matrix-esque skills to avoid enemy fire. The controls are perfect and won’t let you down even when you’re playing on the challenging Hard or Very Hard difficulty settings.

The controls are somewhat unconventional. The right trigger jumps , which feels unnaturally to begin with but soon becomes second nature. The first level is designed to give you ample time to adjust to the new controls so you’ll be good to go once the difficulty starts to rise.

You can buy new weapons or upgrades with points you’ll earn through a level. Bizarrely, you start off with the best weapons, though, meaning there’s no real need to upgrade. Still, it’s good fun, as are the unlockable weapons.

 It’s no exaggeration to say that Bootdisk Revolution’s Bleed is a classic. It’s one of the best title released for XBLIG this year. It’s pricey, but it’s worth it. Grab a copy today!

OVERALL: 4.5 out of 5

Klei Entertainment’s Don’t Starve is currently in playable beta. So, how is it shaping up? Let’s take a look. 

Dont Starve by Klei entertainment is currently in open beta


For those of you who, like myself, have been forced to go camping with your school or friends only to find that lying in a cold, dank tent in the dark is basically like living in hell on earth, you’ll instantly feel at home with Keli Entertainment’s Don’t Starve. It’s an indie action adventure game in which your objective is to survive in a hazardous environment.


Giant spiders,  one-eyed (and highly pissed off) birds, hell hounds and the like are your company in Don’t Starve (though that’s probably better than the company I had on my school camping trip. . . ).  Worst of all, these creatures seriously want you dead.


Don’t Starve is a simple game to pick up and play. You click to move and interact with items and characters. You can rotate the screen with [Q] and open a map using [TAB]. You’ll know how well your doing at all times thanks to the heart and stomach icons on the right side of the screen.


Over time, your tummy will shrink. As your character gets hungry he’ll start hallucinating about random and hilarious things like talking hot dogs. Naturally, you’ll want to make sure you’re eating enough. To do that you’ll be eating berries and other food that you can find in the woods. You can capture meat by setting traps and you can attack monsters with your axe. Just make sure that whatever you do, you Don’t Starve.


As well as keeping your stomach full, you’ll want to find any sources of light. If you’re in the dark for too long you’re sure to die. You can start a fire the old Scouts way with a few sticks, but try not to start a fire while surrounded by flammable items. . .it doesn’t turn out well!


There are a ton of items to collect in Don’t Starve and the more you scavenge the more tools and weapons you’ll gain access to. You can even unlock more playable characters with your experience. Each new character has their own abilities, making for a fresh experience that gives great breadth and depth to the game.


Don’t Starve provides a great challenge at first. As you come across new animals and new items you’ll be excitedly trying to work out what everything does and how the game in general works. This greatly helps to get you involved in the game world and creates a deep sense of immersion.


I can’t help but feel that a solid and deep narrative would greatly help to keep the player hooked in the game. Without such a narrative, the game can feel loose (if not random) at times. The lack of a multiplayer option is less important to me. While a multiplayer option would be a nice addition, it doesn’t seem imperative to the game. What does seem imperative is a developing story. Having got the player hooked in the beginning of the game as they research new items and animals, it’s important to keep them hooked, and to me the best way to do that would be with a quality story.


These points aside, the playable beta of Don’t Starve is a truly enjoyable (and brilliantly presented) title, but one that can begins to feel a little too random once the player becomes accustomed to the game.

The Book of Legends Overview

Lazy, greedy weirdo Jordan’s only gone and lost the very relic he needs in order to end the evil of the demon Azutura. He’ll have to find it if he’s to complete his mission. That’s the set-up for Aldorlea Games’ The Book of Legends, a giant turn based RPG adventure packed full of fantasy, excitement and a healthy dose of humour.


 Gameplay and Controls set-up

The Book of Legends is played with either keyboard or mouse. [Arrow] moves, [Spacebar] selects and [ESC] opens the menu, or you can click.

Combat (the majority of which is random) is turn-based and, as you might expect, the more you fight the stronger you become and the tougher the enemies become too. As well as growing stronger you’ll be joined by more companions as the game progresses.

 Benefit of playing The Book of Legends

The Books of Legends delivers brilliant escapism and a heck of a lot of fun. It doesn’t attempt to be a serious RPG or to craft a deep tale of mortality but what it is does offer is light-hearted enjoyment and relaxation.


It’s clear what Aldorlea Games have aimed for with The Book of Legends: a light-hearted fantasy adventure that offers a fun and relaxed gaming experience. As such, it’s the perfect title for gamers who enjoy a long RPG but don’t want to bother with any sense of seriousness.

The cast of The Book of Legends are designed in a fun, colourful way that really suits their chit-chatty comedy dialogue. There are some decidedly flat jokes in places, but part of the charm of the game is its quirkiness; it doesn’t need to hit the nail on the head every time.

One of the most impressive aspects of The Book of Legends is its size. You’ll be playing for a looooong time. Sadly, the massive dungeons can at times become a nightmare without a map. There are a ton of sidequests to complete too. These allows you to unlock certain characters. Given the quality of those characters, you’ll be eager to discover every one of them, meaning you’re going to get more than your money’s worth of gameplay once you complete it.


Overall: **** out of 5

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