Ridge Racer Unbounded Release Date, Trailer, Graphics + More

Ridge Racer Unbounded Release Date: Q1/2012

Platforms: PC, PS3, XBOX 360
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
Developer: Bugbear Entertainment
Gamesite: Click here
Genres: Racing

It’s the latest entry in one of the best and most popular racing game series of all time and it looks pretty damn sexy. Will Ridge Racer Unbounded take the series to pole position or will it stall on the starting line? We’ll have to wait till the reviews come in to know for certain but it looks like Ridge Racer Unbounded could be a winner.

Ridge Racer Unbounded Trailer

Ridge Racer Product Details

  • Crash through everything ? Cutting edge physics and effects combine to bring direct destruction like you’ve never seen before. Unleash your rage to obliterate everything in your way and carve your own path.
  • Race in urban environments ? Shatter Bay lives by its own rules and is ripe for being torn apart by the overpowered vehicles rampaging through its many areas, including the commercial zone, refi nery, port, and high-rise construction site.
  • New breed of racing machines ? Traditional racing machines are out and dozens of badass street machines are in, including legendary RIDGE RACER Angel and Devil cars.
  • Design your own destruction ? Use the simple but powerful tile-based City Creator to design incredible original tracks in minutes, each loaded with all the game’s destructive features and varied environments.

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