Ridge Racer Unbounded Review

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat. This is not Ridge Racer. It doesn’t feel like ridge Racer. It doesn’t look like Ridge Racer. It simply isn’t Ridge Racer, but does that mean it isn’t good?

 Ridge Racer Unbounded Review

The arcade style of the series is gone and in its place is carnage and destruction. The city ofShutterBay is divided into nine districts each of which has seven events. As you win the events you unlock new cars, new events and new areas. Most of the events are domination races, meaning you are charged with the mission of  taking out other drivers and destroying buildings. There’s time attacks and drift challenges, frag attacks where you have to take out as many other drivers as possible within a time limit and other events. One of the best features is the creation mode, where you can design your own races with tunnels, bridges, buildings and other elements. Sadly, the AI doesn’t seem to know how to navigate your tracks and ends up falling out the sky or hitting various objects. The biggest problem, however, is that the tracks in the career are built out of the same building blocks, meaning that you end up continually coming across the same patch of track over and over again. Repetition certainly sets in, to a point of producing déjà-vu.


You can view other people’s tracks online but sadly there aren’t a lot of online multiplayer options. You’ll end up either playing quick matches on default courses or user courses. The most ridiculous part of the online experience, however, is the fact that a race begins almost as soon as a second player has entered the lobby, meaning you’ll rarely play with more than one or two other players.


In comparison to older Ridge Racer games, unbounded is harder to master and more rewarding. It’s also great fun to destroy the city, though unfortunately it’s next to impossible to determine which walls you can pass through and even if you do find a short cut by destroying a barrier it rarely results in a significant shortcut. Still, it is great fun to smash through a destructible object every time you come across one.


Ridge Racer Unbounded is far from a perfect game but it is good fun. You’ll love smashing through buildings and walls but the fun grows older sooner rather than later, making this a laugh with friends, just so long as you’re not the one shelling out the cash.


Ridge Racer Unbounded Overall: 7.4





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