In Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages, you’re granted two choices: earn your piloting degree in a nanosecond or crash and burn—this game aint got time for noobs.

A short cutscene welcomes you into the game in the briefest of fashions, and also raises a lot of questions. You discover that there’s a robot that’s inside you, having been inserted during brain surgery –neurosurgeons, ya can’t ever trust em—and you’re also a pilot whose suffering from amnesia. Crikey, bloody tough day at the office that one.

So anyway, there you are, space-pilot-neuro-robot-amnesia style, riding an escape pod out of an exploding station, when suddenly you realise that life is too bloody hard as a frickin space pilot. . .

No, you don’t realise that, you go on a crash course through an escape route as you manically try to learn the controls. Get those controls down or you’re ka-plunked!

I just about managed to learn the controls before I got blown to smithereens. At this point, Nero, my neruo-robot friend praised me—rightly so. On first impression the controls felt awkward, but I’d gotten them down okay, go me. I wiped the sweat from my brow, sat back and thought, Bloody hell, that was a feckin awesome opening. . . but would the rest of the game continue to be so awesome?

Continuing through the game I got to know the characters, my favourite of whom is Nero, whose witty narration adds humour to the proceedings.  I also finally realised how darned gorgeous the graphics are. My computer isn’t great, to be honest, and I have to use the lowest settings (someone should donate me a computer. . . no one? Balls). So anyway, even on the lowest settings, the game looks amazing.   And the gameplay is gratifying and thrilling. It takes time to get used to the controls, but trust me it is more than worth it.

Overall, Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages is a real thrill ride. Great graphics, interesting characters and just the right amount of challenge make this well worthy of recommendation. Head over to the game developers for more on Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages.


LINK: http://ringrunner.net/

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