Savage Youtube Gamer Brutally Destroys Viewer

I’m sitting here enjoying a shot of Whiskey when, bam, two kids start fighting on Youtube. And you know I have to deliver the news to you. So here’s the deal.

Willy Mammoth’s brutally attacked one of his viewers on Youtube.

Man, this guy, Willy Mammoth, he’s like a shark in a pool of blood.

Just now he attacked on of his viewers who’s a dairy farmer. Legit job that, dairy farmer. You know I’ve farmed some dairy in my own time. Milk. Tasty.

But this dairy farmer kid in question. He’s not your regular “teat”-pumper. Dude’s a romantic.

According to Willy Mammoth, he sent  “one of his girlfriends a message”; a love letter.

You heard that right. “One of his girlfriends”. Willy Mammoth tells us he has many different girlfriends.

Now I’m a betting man and a mathematician. So I calculated the odds on that statement. A kid who spends all day making Youtube gaming videos has multiple “hot girlfriends”. That’s. What? One in a billion odds? I’m mean let’s spit it out, the average Youtube gamer aint Hugh Hefner.

So Willy Mammoth, who is a Youtube streamer, is calling this dairy farmer (who has a real job) a loser. And saying that this dairy framer couldn’t get a girlfriend where he himself has several.

Which is weird. Because in my experience, men who work with milk are basically women’s Kyrptonite. In my mind, every man who works with milk is basically the milk man from Father Ted.

“Father what?” my American friends ask.

Father Ted. It’s the funniest comedy show you’ve never seen.

Honestly, if you’ve never watched Father Ted just watch the whole show. It’ll be the best 24 minutes of your life. But not of Willy Mammoth’s life. He has two hundred girlfriends, give or take.

If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, skip to 7:20.


So if you want to watch this savage brutally lay into a viewer, watch below. But you might feel kinda sick in the gut about it.

Willy Mammoth totally destroyed this kids life. Not cool, man.



So if Craig, the dairy farmer, is reading this, listen up, kid. Chill with the ladies and they’ll be all over you. And ignore the haters. Cause. You know. Haters gonna hate.


Farmer boy. Just shake it off. Ya feel?

Gotta cut this article short. My twenty-seven girlfriends are asking me to go to bed.

Paul Harrison

Paul M Harrison is an entertainment journalist, novelist, and blogger, and a specialist in the theory of storytelling. Paul Harrison can be contacted via his personal website or on Twitter or Facebook.

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