Games As Psychology Lessons: DERP

Games As psychology lessons:

Science Now Understands What We Kids Always Knew!


A few weeks ago featured both an article and a video that discussed the positive psychological benefits of playing video games. Well, it seems the men in white coats have finally caught up, because the latest news is that playing “shoot-em-up” games enhances a person’s ability to process sensory information quickly into accurate decisions. In playing games (and in truth it’s not just shoot-em-ups, the scientists are just a little behind still, bless ‘em) anyway… in playing games we train ourselves to make decisions based on visual and auditory information.

The report, conducted by  Daphne Bavelier of theUniversityofRochesterinNew Yorkand some other scientist snails somewhere else, stated that the games in question were those fast paced action games that force you to make rapid-fire decisions (most notably FPSs).


Laughably, psychologist Alan Castel called the new study “thorough and intriguing.”  REALLY?  About 10 billion kids have been yelling at you all and telling you that games had positive effects, but this truth is new because science says its new. DERP!  Anyway, anyway…

So this study by super intelligent guys in white coats tested a bunch of men … and guess HOW they tested them… they tested them by having them watch a computer screen and press a specific key based on what came up on the computer. So essentially, scientists are saying that guys who spend years practicing looking at a screen and pressing buttons …. errrr… get better at … errr… looking at a screen and pressing buttons.  Wow. Science. Kickass Genius.


So anyway, scientists have caught up with me, you and about twenty hundred million other big-kids and that’s all gravy.

Now, given the fact that for many many years I’ve been a gamer (and games journalist) and, along with yourself (probably), have been telling everyone what science now works out, I feel I’ve the right to laugh very very loudly at the stupidity of supposed geniuses. Oh, and if you happen to be a big kid like me, check out the article HERE to see the truth science will work out in about 20 years time 😉

  • BTW, I realise some people will take this article as rage, but let me get one thing straight. We gamers took bullshit for YEARS and we were right : games are a positive thing. And if we don’t have the right to rub it in right now, we never will!





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