Self Improvement Plan / Game

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be naturally motivated by games. There’s just something about the simplicity and fun nature of a game that makes them so rewarding and so motivating, that’s why I personally like to turn any of my self improvement goals into a game. Here’s a simple example of one of the self improvement plans / games that I use ever day. It’s for general positivity.


Self Improvement Plan / Game

simple, positive wall posters like this can be a great help with your self improvement plan

The self improvement plan / game is plenty easy enough to understand. I simply attach some point scores to various positive activities and tally the total score up for the day / week. It’s almost ridiculously simply, yet it’s very effective as you’ll find yourself constantly wanting to achieve a high score and to try and beat the previous day, which means you’ll be dedicated to your self improvement plan.

Feel free to use this image, if you like, but it’s very easy to just knock one up for yourself using images that are personally inspiring to you.


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