Silent Hill: Downpour Release Date, Trailer, Graphics +

Platforms: XBOX 360

Publisher: Konami
Developer: Konami

Silent Hill: Downpour‘s gameplay will include combat and puzzle-solving. The game will mostly use a third-person view, including fixed camera views.

The player character will have access to a few firearms and different breakable melee weapons, but will only be able to carry a single melee weapon at once. Downpour will feature puzzle difficulty selections and side-quests which will change depending on the player’s play style. Buildings featured in previous installments of the series, such as a hospital and a school, will be excluded and the element of water will be holding a prominent role, with torrential rain being featured


Silent Hill: Downpour Trailer


Silent Hill: Downpour Features

  • Experience the spine-tingling chills and psychological terror
  • Uncover the deep and dark storyline of the latest Silent Hill thriller
  • Immerse yourself in the desolate town of Silent Hill with intense visuals
  • Unlock new game areas, special items and bonus content by venturing into all-new side quests
  • Explore the ever-changing game world

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