Silent Hill Downpour Review


Silent Hill Downpour Review

Silent Hill was once a series you could turn to to escape into a haunting and engrossing virtual world of horror and suspense, but the franchise lost its brilliance when it left Team Silent. Can Team Vatra take it back to the top and in so doing offer us all a gripping, edge-of-your-seat thriller of a game?


Murphy Pendleton finds himself on a prison bus after committing murder at the request of a prison officer. The bus crashes, leading Murphy to escape whilst he is passing through a foggy and sinister looking town. His life becomes one mission: escape from the town. So lies the simple set-up to the plot of silent Hill Downpour, but unfortunately, its a plot that quickly becomes painfully convoluted, lacking clarity and purpose.


The town is full of baddies but nearly all are of the unimaginative, clichéd monsters-mould you might expect from a cheap horror movie. The scares soon grow old too, being reliant on ambushes that soon become predictable and even the trips to Silent Hill’s otherworld have been reduced to short puzzles and mini-games, making the otherworld a bore.


Everyday items like axes and chairs picked up from the environment allow Murphy to fight his enemies. The items don’t last long but items spawn in the same place making it easy enough to get more weapons. Perhaps the biggest mistake the Downpour makes with regards to combat and enemies is in the sheer amount of fighting. You’ll be fighting enemies constantly and this serves to kill any suspense the game might otherwise have had. This isn’t helped by sluggish controls that makes fighting tiresome and eventually an unwelcome chore.


Even the presentation in Silent Hill Downpour is near awful. Not only is there an unbearably cheesy song by Korn that doesn’t suit the game at all and regular technical flaws like late-loading texture effects but the game even struggles with the fog. There are so many technical flaws here it’s as though Team Vatra didn’t even bother finishing the game.


This is Silent Hill massacred and is best left on the shelves.


Overall: Horrifyingly disappointing. 5 / 10

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