Sing for WiiU: Same Old Singing Game?

Nintendo want to reinvent singing games, but if they’re to succeed, Sing for WiiU has a long way to go!


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Sing aims to take the karaoke of regular singing games—where people take it in turns, one at a time, to perform—and evolve it by having several players performing simultaneously (which may or may not end up being considered “co-op play”). But then, given that the only thing you’re likely to care about is the sing song list .. . is evolution really necessary in the first place?

As such, Sing aims to give singing games a new social dynamic and does so using the additional screen afforded by the WiiU.

The WiiU is used to display the lyrics so that you can sing to your friends rather than the TV. The WiiU also displays different commands, like “Clap.”

Somehow, this doesn’t seem enough to truly renovate singing games. Nintendo seems to be presuming that people actually read the lyrics on the TV at the moment. Not likely. Who doesn’t know the lyrics to their favourite songs?  And even if Sing did mean that we can face each other instead of the TV. .  .so what? Who genuinely cares about such a tiny change?

Sing is going to have to do a lot more than this to succeed. Given the undoubted brilliance of singing in parties (c’mon, you know you love it) it’s to be hoped that Nintendo can offer something new here. But they certainly haven’t shown us anything new yet.

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