Sleeping Dogs Review: One of the Best Open World Experiences

Open World games are known for being rife with minor issues, from overly simplified combat to inaccurate and loose shooting. The mentality of most developers is “Hey, there’s a massive open world, so if the odd bullet backfires its no biggie.” Not so with Sleeping Dogs, a title which aims to make the very best of every element of what is open world gaming.

Sleeping dogs Wallpaper

This perfectionist mentality of Square Enix towards Sleeping Dogs casts the title as far ahead of the pack as Usain Bolt is when running the 100 metre sprint. While the story might not be a revolution in penmanship (it regards Wei Shen, an undercover cop sent into Hong Kong to take down the Triads from inside) , it does at least offer a protagonist with which the reader can sympathise (which is more than can be said for many games) and the plot holds enough weight to keep the gamer involved with the action.

Lead character Wei Shen is propelled to action with a genuine sense of motive as a cop given the unenviable task of taking down a major crime syndicate. The gamer gets a true feel of the weight of this task through realistic character development.  It’s just a shame the other characters in Sleeping Dogs (both the bad guys and the good guys) are not particularly colourful.

The Sleeping Dogs Map

You’ll spend your time in Sleeping Dogs toing and froing between destroying everything in brutal carnage (which gains you Triad points) and working in  more refined and professional manner (which will nab you important cop abilities). Among the upgrades you’ll be earning are weapon skills, driving bonuses and melee attacks.

The melee action n Sleeping Dogs is a thing of beauty. You’ll be engaging in battle with unlimited enemies, watching for their strikes then counterattacking. There are dozens of abilities that let you break your foe’s limbs to your heart’s content. Wei Shen can grapple his opponents and drag them over objects for environmental kills, or, just as much fun, he can chuck them off ledges. The variety to melee battles keeps them fresh and satisfying.




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