Sling It! Review: Simple, Fun, And A Heck of a Blast

Dumb and Fat Games immediately captured my heart just because of their title (seriously, great name for a game developer). Then I actually started to play Dumb and Fat’s games and they captured my heart even more. Their latest title, Sling It! reminds me just how great it is to be dumb and fat.

A fast paced arcade game, Sling It! provides instant gratification by allowing to you smash the heck out of stuff. A no-nonsense title, Sling It! basically launches enemy after enemy at you, which you must smash to pieces and then use the parts as a weapon. Simple, yes; fun, definitely.

You can use single or double finger controls, both of which I found to be fairly intuitive. Just pick up an object, load it in your slingshot, pull the string and fire. Destroy as many enemies as possible while avoiding dangers like shrapnel, spikes and shots.

With such a simple set-up, Sling It! is the type of game that you’ll make your mind up about in seconds. For me, I instantly took to Sling It’s charmingly simple pleasures. And though it is simple, the game does at least offer enough achievements and power-ups to keep the gameplay feeling fresh.  The enemies help too. A lot of thought has gone into their design. They’ll test both your reflexes and your creative thinking abilities.

Sling It! wears its heart on its sleeve and wears it with pride. It wants to be a pure-hearted laugh of a game, and it succeeds admirably.

For more on Sling It! visit the game’s website. 


Paul Harrison

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