Smooth Operators: Call Center Chaos Review

Smooth Operators Cal Center Chaos is going to test your patients. The moment you start playing the game you’re going to be infuriated. That’s because your first experience of the game is the menu, which comes with an absolutely awful soundtrack. There’s no sugar coating this, the music is just bad. Turn your sound off immediately before you start playing the game or you’ll be turned off immediately.

And you don’t want to be turned off immediately because once you get into the actual game, you’ll discover a deep and rewarding experience. So, let’s just put the music aside and hit the ‘Mute’ button. You’re not going to miss anything. The sound effects are as bad as the music. There’s annoying phone rings, elevator pings and enough annoying sounds to have you smashing your head into the wall. So let’s just turn the sound off and get focused on better things: the gameplay.

Smooth Operators Call Center Chaos is a management simulation game that isn’t dissimilar to Theme Park and the likes. You start with a receptionist and build your business upwards, hiring staff for the various operations of the call center. When you get a new contract you’ll get a certain amount of work, that work adds up towards your revenue. You’ll be assigned a daily target. Miss that target and your profit will drop. It’s simple but affective gameplay. You can get into it quickly, and once you do you’ll realise that there’s actually quite a lot of depth to the game. You’ll need to take care of such considerations as the employees canteen and teleporters so that your staff can get around. You’ll then get access to janitors, coaches, managers and other important staff members who’ll help your company to flourish. There’s an impressive amount of depth to the gameplay and it’s all enjoyable stuff. It’s also addictive as you try to maximise your call centre’s productivity.

While the presentation and the sound could have been (and should have been) so much better, here at GamePlayersReview we’re all about one thing: gameplay, and Smooth Operators Call Center Chaos has it in spades. If you can just get over the annoying sound, you’ll find a rewarding and engrossing experience.


Overall: 8 out of 10.

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