Sniper Elite V2 : Spatial Awareness & The Creativity of Killing

Sniper Elite V2 : Spatial Awareness & The Creativity of Killing

If you’re looking for something new to your first person shooter gaming you’ll likely be holding Sniper Elite V2 optimistically in your scope. Rebellion’s dedication to the art of the long range kill is about more than aiming your sights and pulling the trigger. There’s strategy, creativity and a brilliant physics engine on offer here, but can Rebellion truly capture the reality of sniping? If so, here’s a look at the real life psychological benefits you might be finding come Sniper Elite V2’s release date of 5 / 1 / 2012.


Potential Psychological Benefit of Sniper Elite V2 #1

There is a tool in self improvement in which a person is instructed to pay very close attention to the movement of limbs. Performing this exercise is known to increase intelligence because it makes people more aware of the intricate movement of a complex structure (the human body). Believe it or not, through Sniper Elite V2’s X-Ray system and the promise of a top-drawer physics engine, the game could actually deliver the same psychological benefits as this self improvement exercise. Hat does that mean? It means you’ll be making yourself more intelligent by sniping. The only issue here is that for this to work, sniper Elite V2’s physics engine is going to have to be very complex and very realistic.

Potential Psychological Benefit of Sniper Elite V2 #2

The second potential benefit of this game is in the creativity and strategy it seems to inspire in players. A central focus of the game is in finding the right spots to snipe from and the right angle to fire your shot from. This means that the game will be developing your spatial awareness as you track the movement of NPC’s whilst working out the best approach for your attack. In case you’re wondering why you should care to develop your spatial awareness, well, spatial skills are incredibly important and one of the most important attributes for many jobs, ranging from photography to architecture. Does that mean that playing Sniper elite V2 will make you an architect. . . ? No, dumb dumb, of course not 😛  but it’s not gonna hurt either.


Potential Psychological Benefit of Sniper Elite V2 #3


The third psychological benefit of Sniper Elite V2 is in the mindfulness it inspire in players.

Mindfulness is a psychological strength we have discussed often here on Essentially mindfulness is the quality of being openly aware and without judgment of your environment. It’s a combination of having focus, being in the moment and being open minded and its health benefits are tremendous, ranging from improved immune system functioning to lowered stress levels.

The way Sniper Elite V2 inspire mindfulness is immediately apparent: it forces players to be aware of their environments, from tracking the movement of enemies to being aware of their spatial environment in order to be stealthy.

So, we have three key potential psychological benefits of Sniper Elite V2. Will the game succeed in providing them? We’ll have to wait and see.


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