Sony at Gamescom: PS3, Vita and a whole lot of Art

Sony have put in a stellar press conference at Gamecom 2012. The conference features a great breath of titles, from Vita titles like the new Killzone, Until Dawn for PS3 Move the absolutely amazing looking Vita game Tearaway, which offers truly innovative gameplay (read our Tearaway Reveal for more).

The PS Vita has lacked direction and its sales had been suffering but Gamescom’s Vita reveals make clear that the system is on the way up. There’s also a new Cross Buy system, which in itself is excellent news as the system means that buying the game on the Vita will allow you to play it on the PS3. If you’re fortunate enough to have both systems then this will feel like Christmas come early.

Playstation Mobile was shown too, which allows you to buy a game for Playstation Mobile and play it on your Vita or Playstation phone.

 Surprises at Sony’s Gamecom Conference:

There were several surprises to the press conference:

Tearaway: Amazing and innovative gameplay makes full use of the Vita’s input to create a genuinely new game.

Killzone Vita: Killzone for Vita looks incredible. This could be a game to truly push the Vita’s sales.

Until Dawn:  A PS Move game made by Super Massive Games. Until Dawn is a horror game with a great sense of atmosphere. Together with FIFA 13, this title might be the one to make you want Move.

Rain: An artistic and very atmospheric title with unique direction that creates a highly distinguished feel.

Puppeteer: A platform adventure that features some of the best art direction to have been seen at Gamescom. This is a very interesting title. For more on it see; Puppeeteer at Gamescom.


Sony’s Gamescom Overall:

This was a very impressive conference that Sony put a tremendous amount of work into getting right. There can be no doubt that this was a 5 out of 5 press conference. It really is hard to knock the work Sony revealed at Gamescom.



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