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Robots. They’re the future, right? Surely the day will eventually come when we humans make robots so darned clever and powerful that they take over.  And when that happens, humanity’s going to be pretty screwed, just like they are in SteamWorld Dig, in which we’re all extinct. We’re so darned extinct that there’s no trace of us left. That’s why one robot’s setting out to dig into the planet to find the proof of our existence. And lucky for all of us, that robot’s journey is flipping exciting, so exciting that it could just be one of the best Nintendo 3DS games on the market.

Rusty is an old mining robot. He’s gone and gotten himself the deeds to a Wild West mine and is intent on digging up tons of loot and giving it to Tumbleton on the planet’s surface. Poor old Tumbleton could use that loot. It’s a pretty wasted place. Only a few poor miserable robots live in Tumbelton now. The rest left long ago. But they’ll return, if only you can grab that loot and start developing the town.

Sadly, the only thing that you’ve got to start dicking with is this crappy old pickaxe. But a good robot never blames his tools. Besides, before long you’ll be nabbing upgrades and tools.

So what is this game, really? Well, it’s kinda like Terraria. You dig and unlock stuff and keep moving downwards while avoiding enemies. The opponents near the bottom of your dig(later in the game) are pretty darned scary, but provided you’ve unlocked new abilities you’ll be alright.

To use your abilities you’ll need different things. Some skills require water so you’ll need to find yourself a cavern and stock up, or kill some enemies who, helpfully, carry water with them. You’ll need lanterns too, and fuel, and other important robot-related stud.

The levels in the game are random generated so things always feel fresh and there’s no repetitiveness.

There’s so much to love about SteamWorld Dig that I could go on about it for hours. But that’d bore the crap out of you and I’d enter up talking to myself. So let’s just say this: SteamWorld Dig is awesome. End of story. Get yourself over to the game developers site right away.


Overall: 9 out of 10.

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