Street Fighter X Tekken: Jin

Street Fighter X Tekken Character Review: Jin

Welcome to’s look at the characters of Street Fighter X Tekken. If you’re trying to find a character to main you’ve probably had a good look at some match videos and seen high level play, but one of the most important questions to ask when choosing a character is: What does that character represent? What’s their story? Choosing a character you actually like will inspire you to continually get better, but which one to pick? Let’s take a look at some of the best.

Street Fighter X Tekken: Jin Story

The super-cool-looking owner of the Mishima Zaibatsu seeks Pandora because he believes it may help him understand the devil gene with him. This is a typical spiritual plot of an internal fight between good and evil (like Luke Skywalker, Ryu and others). Jin’s official tag partner is Xiaoyu, who basically represents innocence and who serves to suggest to the gamer the importance of acceptance and peace over personal quests and trials like those Jin puts himself through.


Street Fighter X Tekken: Jin Design 

Jin is definitely one of the coolest looking characters in Street Fighter X Tekken. He looks completely badass with his black-flame pants and punked up hair that makes him look like some new age version of The Fonz. Mixed with his fast movement and cool combos, Jin is likely the character of choice for any would-be B Boys out there.


Street Fighter X Tekken: Jin Fighting Style 

Jin plays a good all-round game, being good at distance and at mid but not amazing up close (though not too bad either). His most interesting move is Mental Alertness, which allows him to cancel moves into each other, making for some cool combos with fairly difficult execution.


Overall: Jin is one of the coolest video game characters ever and will certainly be one of the most popular SFxT characters online. He clearly plays the “cool kid with a dark side” role through the contrast of his visual design (which is straight up slick and cool) with his spiritual quest story. An extremely cool character who also has depth.

Jin Character Design Overall: 4.5 / 5



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