Tales of Xillia Review, Gameplay and Characters Screenshot

Tales of Xillia is certain to please fans of Japanese style games. It’s stylistically very Eastern. It’s also very complex and elaborate. The latest in the Tales of. . . series is an epic. Tales of Xillia is so deep that you’ll have to play the game for about six hours simply to get an appreciation of the full depth of this massive game.

Then there’s Tale of Xillia’s story. It’s huge. The Tales of Xillia characters are believable and do an excellent job of pulling you right into the heart of this amazing story.

The characters in Tales of Xillia are as cute as ever

Tales of Xillia’s story us full of dialogue and combat. The fighting is of the beat-em-up variety, but the statistics add a great deal of depth, strategy and challenge. It’s s truly complex fighting system. Sadly it does get a little repetitive from time to time, as does the dialogue.

Tales of Xillia’s gameplay is deep and strategic if a little repetitive

Still, let’s not allow those minor points to deter us from an amazing game. Tales of Xillia is fantastic. It’s one of the best games in the Tales Of. . . series and a must buy for fans of this style of game.

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