Tangiers: A Stealth Game Like Thief But Without The Suckiness

Tangiers: It’s Like Thief, but Better

Let’s be straight up about this; the only thing that Thief managed to steal was gamers’ money for its inadequate AAA experience. Don’t get me wrong, Thief isn’t a terrible game, it’s just far from as good as it was supposed to be, and it left many stealth fans disappointed. Yet there’s one good thing about the failure of Thief: it left a huge gaping hole in the stealth genre’s market, a hole that Tangiers is more than happy to fill.

Tangiers promises to be a highly immersive stealth sim. It’s a treat to look at, with unique visuals that scream of personality—and which are far more imaginative than Thief’s. The visuals are genuinely artistic, the sort of work you’d expect to see from a third year photography degree graduate or animation student.

I could go on and on about how awesome this game looks, but unless you’re some weirdo you’d much rather look at these beautiful images than continue to read my dreary black ink.

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