Tearaway: New PS Vita Game’s Sony’s Proof that Games are a Good Thing

We’ve written a lot about the positive effects of video games here on ARoleModel.com and have included a great many games in doing so, from Scribblenauts to Skyward Sword to Street Fighter. Perhaps no game better proves that gaming can have positive real life benefits more so than this: Tearaway, the new PS Vita Game that Sony are hoping will save the Vita from disappointing sales figures.

 What is PS Vita’s ‘Tearaway’?

Tearaway is an amazing looking new game from Media Molecule—that amazing team who brought you LittleBigPlanet.

Tearaway lets the player make use of all those wonderful PS Vita features, like the Vita’s rear touch pad and the microphone, using these PS Vita features to directly manipulate the game world as though the player were god.

The game itself is best illustrated by this Tearaway trailer shown yesterday at Gamescom (check out our articles from Gamscom). Below the trailer we’ll cover exactly why this game reveals the positive real life effects of gaming, but first, introduce yourself to this amazing new PS Vita game.


So Why is Tearaway a Good / Positive Thing?


Tearaway is essentially a creative thinking exercise with a lot of potential. The fact that you can directly manipulate the game world with your hands (almost as though you were working with paper) is itself a lesson in arts and crafts. If this game is everything it appears to be, then just a few hours of playing Tearaway will get players using their creative minds (as well as their hands and voice—which are used to control the game) in the real world. This game actively encourage the gamer to be creative and do so in a way which could very well be as inspiring as the best of art teachers.

Time will tell if Tearaway can achieve all this. But here’s a test. When the game rolls out, grab yourself a copy, play if for three hours, then go about your day to day life. I’m willing to bet you’ll notice an increase in creativity just from playing it.



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