Teleglitch — a Masterful Action Game You Simply Must Must Play

Three years in the making, Teleglitch delivers a unique action game inspired by Doom but with randomly generated, fast-paced, singe-life roguelike gameplay.

Teleglitch Review

Teleglitch has randomly generated levels that revolve around a story of science gone awry. The world is reconfiguring itself (hence the random) because of some experiments in teleportation and genetics then went royally tits-up. The levels hold a similar theme but the layout of the map changes with each play. There are destructible walls and moveable objects too, making for dynamic environments with hidden areas.
You start off with only your trusty pistol and knife combo. You’ll run out of bullets before long too, meaning you’re gonna need to know how to use a blade. You draw your weapon with a press of the right mouse button and aim via a reticle and a line drawn between your character and the target. You’ll never feel 100% confident in your weapon-ability as each new baddy packs a real punch, making combat an engaging challenge.

Each new baddy in Teleglitch packs a real punch, making combat an engaging challenge. The enemies are varied both in their image and in their moves. You’ll keep track of these enemies thanks to the Monster Database that gives insight into their defensive and offensive capabilities.

On each new game you’ll start up against a bunch of easily-killed zombies and mutants, but it’s not long before you’re facing enemies who fire back at you and not long after that that every fight feels like an epic boss battle.
Thankfully, you’re not without your fair share of power and strength. Through a combination of lucky pick-ups and a brilliant crafting system, you’re constantly aware of the growth of your power. You’ll need to use your medpacks and health items wisely too. Resource management will be one of the key skills keeping you alive.

There’s a weight and importance to resource management and decision making that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Teleglitch features some beautiful graphics to boot. They’re of the stylised and pixelated format to which we’ve all grown familiar, but in Teleglitch they help to engage your imagination, immersing you deeper into the game’s world. It’s like reading the book instead of watching the movie – because the graphics aren’t prefect, your imagination plays a key role and that psychological involvement hooks you deeper into the game.
The sound is brilliant too. Explosions and gunshots pack a punch of bass and though there is no music, the drone of machines and the blowing wind pull further at your imagination. Between graphics and sound you’ll find yourself almost in a dream as you’re fully immersive in the game.

It would be next to impossible not to recommend Teleglitch. Between the brilliant artistry of graphics and sound and the depth of strategy and decision-making in the gameplay, Teleglitch serves up a masterpiece of an action game that all comers are certain to enjoy.

Overall: 4.5 / 5

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