Ten Things Gaming Taught Me about Life

1) Remember to save your progress

You’re not going to get to The Sky Fortress Bahamut in one sitting; you’re going to need to save. Likewise, you’re not going to buy a house in one sitting, unless you happen to win the lottery or have a rich family or just be really really lucky. Save those pennies, buy a couple of elixirs and healing potions and put your savings in a big wallet (or pouch).


2) Listen to everyone, even the weirdos.

It really does pay to listen to everyone you come across in gaming and in real life. You never know, that old hag might have some hot daughters.


Be real nice to the old had Flemeth. She has hot daughters. . . oh yeah, they’re also witches. 

3) Cheaters actually prosper quite a lot

You might not agree with the morals of cheating, but there’s no denying that infinite ammo in your gun is the easiest way to beat the boss. There’s no harm in occasionally breaking the odd rule, so plug that RL-Game-Shark in and warp your way to level 10.

4) One step at a time

You’re never going to get to the top without slaying one wild boar at a time. . .and by slaying a wild boar I mean doing a push-up, sending off a job resume, ticking each entry in your to-do list.

Silly mums! They went and told us off for being nosey! Little did they know that nosiness, or rather curiosity, is not only of benefit to your health and wellbeing, but even helps you get ahead, be it in business life, personal life or even gaming life. Try completing Fez without being curious and inquisitive, or finding the phone number in God of War. Heck, you can’t even have some hot coffee without being curious.

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Paul Harrison

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