The "A Role Model" Top 60 Indie Game Websites for 2013

 Indie gaming is in bloom. What a great thing that is. These days, you’re more likely to find top notch gameplay from an indie game that a developer sold their nan to make, than from a AAA title with as much financial backing as Hugh Hefner sponsored breast implants.


Yeah, dunno, sorry, went off on a tangent there.

Anyway, it’s not  just the games that have made indie gaming so good. Many fine “Role Model” websites have been instrumental in helping to build the indie gaming scene.  It’s to these websites we look now as we present the “A Role Model” award for best indie game websites.

 The “A Role Model” Top 60 Indie Game Wesbsites for 2013

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  1. The Indie Game Magazine
  2. Jay Is Games
  3. Rock Paper Shotgun
  4. Indie Games The Weblog
  5. Hookshotinc
  6. Indie DB
  7. TIGSource
  8. Indie Love
  9. Indie N
  10. Play This Thing
  11. RGCD
  12. Gnomes Lair
  13. Extra Guy
  14. Penny Arcade
  15. OW VideoGames
  16. Greenlight Picks
  17. Indie Games Searchlight
  18. Indie Impressions 
  19. Indie Shmups
  20. Screenshot Saturday
  21. Pixels For Breakfast
  22. Twinfinite
  24. Respavvn
  25. Buy Some Indie Games!
  26. Game Jolt
  27. Square Tetromino
  28. Crude Pixel
  29. IndieGameReviewer
  30. Indie Game Bundles
  31. Indie Theory
  32. TheIndieJar
  33. True PC Gaming
  34. Quotes Unquote
  35. Armless Octopus
  36. Indie Retro News
  37. Quarter To Three
  38. Indiegraph
  39. Indie Games Channel
  40. Screenshot Saturday
  41. The Daily Click
  42. Indie Gamers
  43. I-Luv-Games
  44. Games for Gamers
  45. Fessic’s Favorite Free Video Games
  46. Harry Balls
  47. 10 Dollar Gaming
  48. GameBlaster64
  49. indiePub Games
  50. Erratic Gamer
  51. the2bears
  52. Free Gamer
  53. Joystiq (Indie Pitch)
  54. One Video Game a Day
  55. PDRoms – Homebrew For You
  56. Bytten
  57. IndieRPGs
  58. Out Of Eight PC Game Reviews
  59. Kurt Waldowski’s Indie Recap
  60. Indie Game Pod

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