The Benefit of Adventure Games: Escape


The Benefit of Adventure Games: Escape 

And so we come to the of the gaming genres that shall be visited in this article, the Adventure game. Adventure games are one of the oldest genres of all, dating way back to 1970s and in terms of the benefit they offer, they have changed very little. Theirs is the purest benefit of all: escape.



When we play an adventure game, we play to explore new lands, and there are very few finer times in these games than when we find a brand new area to explore. But just why do we love exploration in games so much, and how does it benefit us? Easy.


Who doesn’t long to get away? Who doesn’t love to go on vacation to some new land, opening a new door, fresh with new possibilities? We need adventure games because we are so trapped in our day to day lives. Working nine to five (or at school till whatever time schools close, I dunno I’m far too old to recall) living between the same set of walls. The caged bird sings of freedom said Maya Angelou. Then perhaps we are all caged birds for we all need freedom and that is what adventure games give us.


But what is the psychological benefit of freedom? Simple. The sense of freedom creates a freedom of thought and expression that enables us try out new things. Whether we  are looking for a new job, a new relationship or even looking to move country, we have to feel that open space in front of our faces before we can step out into it. And that is what adventure games are all about.

And so we have it. Five hugely positive psychological benefits from five different genres of games. Yes, gaming is positive, and long may we all empower ourselves by the richness of this great community.



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