Psychological Benefits of RPGs reveals the enlightening truths about the positive influence of RPG games like The Secret World on your everyday life.


Positive Psychology / Psychological Benefits of RPGs in a nutshell:

-They develop mindfulness (a key psychological skill that is used in wide ranging fields from self help for depression to sports psychology for professional athletes)

-They develop our creative thinking skills via puzzles (creative thinking is important to many jobs, from a career in teaching to Information Tehcnology)

-They train our minds to work progressively towards a goal (positive thinking–very important in personal life and a key component of online self improvement courses)

– They are arguably the most relaxing form of game (relaxation of course being critical throughout life and used in myriad fields from stress management courses to self help for depression and anxiety to health spas and luxury vacations).

– They teach our minds to spot how things will logically progress (important to both personal and professional life) [br] [hr]

 Psychological Benefits of RPGs

RPGs arguably offer more benefits than all other genres. They develop the player’s ability to spot how things will logically progress (both by their storytelling, which is usually significantly deeper than other games and by character levelling, which develops our ability to see how baby steps lead us to become great characters—a process clearly reflecting real life). They develop pattern recognition and creative thinking abilities (both of which are core components of puzzles and they even develop our patience as we are often stuck around levelling up for hours on end as opposed to simply progressing through the game–psychologically this serves to teach our minds to slow down, to recognise the importance of small steps and to not expect everything in life to just fall into our laps (a key shortcoming of other genres). More important than all of these benefits, however, is their ability to develop mindfulness and listening and observational skills.

Mindfulness, which can be defined as being openly aware of your environment, is one of the most universally recognised virtues through all societies in the world. In religion it can be found principally in Buddhism, where meditation is used daily to quiet and still a person’s mind and thoughts such that they are less critical and more openly aware of their environment. In self help it is a key part of treatment for depression (because it teaches a person dealing with depression–or anxiety or other psychological issues–to remove negative thoughts). It is used by sports psychologists to help professional athletes increase their focus (among many other things) and finally, it is used by hundreds of millions of people around the world to promote relaxation and happiness.




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